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Boost & Memory

Enhance Mac Performance & Productivity


Boost & Memory clears inactive RAM from your computer that allows you to have more applications opened simultaneously and get things done faster.


Boost & Memory forces the system to recover wasted memory and make it available to processes that need it. Utility switches on autamatically when predefined value of RAM is already used.

control your ram memory

monitor memory usage on mac
  • Increase overall Mac efficiency
  • Free memory in several seconds
  • Control RAM memory from menubar
  • Specify preferable time and usage preferences
More about Boost & Memory

Boost & Memory allows you to clear inactive RAM automatically or manually. Use the dynamic icon on the menu bar to control memory usage. It helps you track memory usage and allows you to run memory free-up operations and provides you with the following useful information:

  • Memory used by the system;
  • Memory used by applications and processes;
  • Amount of available memory;
  • Date and size of latest memory release.

increase mac performance





This little devil is like steroids for your Mac! In a second, it can boost stability and allocate enough memory to run everything you got with speed and reliability.


Still I have 16G memory on my Mac Mini Server, very oftenly memory usage reaches 100%. I was playing music and it paused playback for a few seconds, during the pause the app managed to free 5.75 GB of memory. That is a huge WOW.

Really Works!!!

Bought this based on its reviews and I needed to clean up some space, it did exactly what it claims. My Mac runs faster and smoother. Good app.