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Uninstall apps on Mac without leaving any trace

A smart, intuitive and efficient solution to clean up your Mac and manage all types of extensions.

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How to delete apps on Mac with App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller

It will scan all your apps, extensions and startup programs.

Find unneeded programs from the list

Switch to the Expert mode and select all unneeded items.

Click to uninstall

Confirm the removal. Nothing gets deleted without your confirmation.

Best uninstaller and cleaning assistant for your Mac

Uninstall apps and all unwanted junk files

Check your Mac for traces of previously removed apps that remain on the disk when you drag & drop applications to the Trash.

The application cleaner helps you to easily delete apps on Mac without giving its service files a chance to remain.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller window showing how to uninstall app
App Cleaner & Uninstaller window showing Evernote startup program

Stop apps from running at Mac startup

A big number of startup programs cause Mac performance to slow down.

  • Change startup programs
  • Disable unneeded launch agents and system daemons.
  • Turn off or even remove login items.

Disable and uninstall Mac system extensions

Operate user and core extensions installed on your Mac.

  • Remove macOS install files
  • Remove browser extensions
  • Clean up Screen savers
  • Manage Preference Panes
  • Remove Internet Plugins
  • Uninstall Mac Widgets
App Cleaner & Uninstaller window with ticked extensions
App Cleaner & Uninstaller window showing remaining files selected for removal

Clean up remaining files – the leftovers of already removed apps

Check your Mac for traces of previously removed apps that remain on the disk when you drag & drop applications to the Trash.

Find and delete all leftovers, remains and broken service files to free up your disk space!

Change the default app for specific file types

Manage file associations on macOS and select programs you want to open specific file types with. There is no easier way to force an association between a file type and an application than by using App Cleaner & Uninstaller.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller window showing Default Apps section

Get even more features for easy uninstalling

Use Basic or Expert modes

Use one-click uninstalling mode or switch to the Expert mode whenever you want to see apps service files in details and take control of them.

Detect apps leftovers

Each time you drag and drop apps into the Trash, the uninstaller will check apps for complete cleanup and detect their leftovers. It will remind you with a smart notification to remove leftovers as well.

Add apps to Skip list

Hide apps from displaying by the uninstaller and protect them from accidental selection and uninstalling.

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Awesome app cleaner tool by @Nektony! Helped me gain 15+ Gig in two runs. I hope an uninstaller like this is built-in for macs!Amit Bhatnagar

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I have been using the “App Cleaner and Uninstaller Pro” by Nektony for a few years now. I consider it a must-have application! User-friendly interface, simple to use, and very effective. It does exactly what it says in a simple, fast, and efficient way.Christina Z

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Recently I had a problem on my Mac where I had files in the Bin that I could not delete. Various suggestions were made and none worked. I found mention of ‘App Cleaner & Uninstaller’ by Nektony on the web, tried it and alas while I fell in love with the program (1 of 2)Daron Brewood

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I have been working with this company and their products since version 1.0. They are in my opinion #1 in customer support and their software is incredible. Every time I uninstall unneeded…Dan Brooking

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Excellent product. Particularly useful managing and uninstalling applications simple and efficient, by far the best in really many other systems I know; memory management definitely improves the functioning of my Mac…Pawel

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