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Get Disk Expert to analyze your disk space usage

Disk Expert

A powerful disk usage scanning and reporting utility for Mac. Disk Expert allows you to find the bulkiest content and free up Mac hard drive space.

Disk Space Visualizer & Disk Cleaner Utility

Disk Expert is a disk space analyzer which helps you to quickly free up space on Mac when your Startup Disk is almost full.
The application scans any hard drives and even hidden system files, and shows you what is taking up the most space on your disk.
disk expert - analyze disk space usage
Disk Expert visually displays your disk space usage as a sunburst diagram, discovers the bulkiest content,
and generates a list of the biggest files and folders on your disk.

Disk Expert – The Best Disk Cleanup Tool for your Mac

Fast Scanning icon

Fast Scanning

Get ready to be impressed by the fast scan speed of the app. Scan your drive and get the results in less than a minute!

Largest Items icon

Largest Items

View the list of 25 of the biggest files and folders on your disk. Make it simple to clear storage space with Disk Expert.

Hidden Files icon

Hidden Files

Find even hidden debris on your disk, such as logs and caches of apps, browser data and so on.

Disk Expert Drop Lists icon

Drop Lists

Add files to the special Drop Lists for further removal or transmission to external storages.

How to Free Up Disk Space on Mac

  • find large files on mac

  • 1. Launch the app and click to scan your disk or separate folders.
    2. View the space usage distribution and identify the biggest items.
    3. Get rid of old unused items which occupy useless drive space.
Disk Expert is an essential software tool to help you get out of low disk space. The application is especially helpful when your Mac startup disk is full so that you can quickly detect and handle your “memory eaters” to get more free space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What types of volumes can Disk Expert scan?

    Disk Expert supports HDD volumes, CD and DVD disks, removable USB drives, mounted DMG images and even folders with FireVault protection.

  • Is it safe to  delete hidden items?

    No, some hidden items are vital for system operations. Nevertheless, some of them simply occupy your precious disk space.

  • What are system requirements?

    Disk Expert is  compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and later.

  • Can Disk Expert scan my Dropbox?

    Yes. You can scan DropBox and any cloud storage folder as well.

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