Disk Expert

Space Usage Analyzer & Cleanup Utility

    1. Disk Expert is a powerful disk space scanning, reporting and processing utility for Mac OS X. It scans any hard drives and even hidden system files.

      Disk Expert scans your Hard Drive and visually displays the disk space usage as sunburst diagram, discovers the bulkiest content and generates the list of biggest files and folders found in a folder.

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    • Fast Scanning icon

      Fast Scanning

      It is the fastest scanning tool on the market. Just give it a try and you will be impressed!

    • Largest Items icon

      Largest Items

      The app creates list of 25 biggest items for every folder simplifying cleanup process.

    • Hidden Files icon

      Hidden Files

      Disk Expert could literally scan all your debris such as apps’ logs and caches, browser data, etc.

    • Disk Expert Drop Lists icon

      Drop Lists

      Collect files in special drop lists for further removal or transmission to external storages.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What Disk Expert is able to scan?

      Disk Expert supports HDD volumes, CD and DVD disks, removable USB drives, mounted DMG images and even folders with FireVault protection.

    • Is it safe to  delete hidden items?

      No, some hidden items are vital for system operations. Nevertheless, some of them simply occupy your precious disk space.

    • What are system specifications?

      Disk Expert is  compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 and later.

    • Can Disk Expert scan Dropbox?

      You can scan DropBox and any cloud storage folder as well.

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    • Katie    star-review

      The simple design and quick performance really makes this my go-to data management app. I wish they made the same thing for Windows because I use both Mac and Windows.
    • Ndog   star-review

      This has to be the first app that actually gets the job done. It shows a chart and long list of documents, organized by file size, to show what is really taking up your storage.
    • Guillermo   star-review

      I’ve use many apps that do kind of the same. But this one does it really fast. It’s the best option if you are looking into to finding the largest files and delete or backup them.

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