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VSD Viewer
for macOS

The application allows to preview .VSD, .VDX, .VSDX file
formats of Visio® drawings on your Mac.

Visio Viewer Option and Capabilities

Visio Reader provides a rich set of viewer options for opening, complex rendering
and exact displaying Visio drawings on macOS.

Layers Processing
Show hidden layers to preview all needed details.
Shape Data
Enable Shape Data to show user- defined data of objects.
Themes Support
Drawings with even themes are displayed exactly like in Visio®.
Pages & Backgrounds
Preview drawings with custom page sizes & backgrounds pages.
Dimension Units
Object’s dimensions for drawings are displayed in original units.
Tabulated Text
Text with frames, tabulations and tables are supported.
File Formats
Preview drawings & stencils of VSD, VSDX, VDX, VSDM, VDW, VSSX, VSSM, VSX, VSS file formats.
Metafiles & OLE-objects
Visio files with metafile images (EMF and WMF) and even embedded OLE-objects.

Operate Visio Drawings on Mac

With Mac VSD Viewer, you don’t need an Internet connection to open the drawings.
Your important files are protected from being shared online.

hidden layers Visio on mac

Show Hidden Layers

Switch layers visibility of Visio files. Choose which parts and shapes of the complete drawing you want to view and concentrate on specific databases. You can show or hide layers simply by tapping one button. The objects, that belong to disabled layers will be excluded when you print or convert Visio files to PDF.

View Object’s Shape Data

Shape data contains important information about each drawing’s object. With VSD Viewer you can view Shape Data, which is extremely useful when you need to determine trends across all your process steps. With just one click you can enable Shape Data and make checking Visio diagrams and charts more meaningful.

visio hyperlinks on orgchart on mac

Preview Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks in Visio are often helpful, when you need to link Visio objects to a specific web page with a related information or to another Visio page. With VSD Viewer you can view and follow hyperlinks, created in MS Visio®. Just click the hyperlink and your browser will open a new window and display the destination Web site.

Visio Viewer reviews and mentions

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This workes exactly as advertised. I was able to open up multiple Visio documents and save them to PDF without any issues or problems. Thanks!!!

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Jason Lee
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Works really well, even with large. Vsd files. Very happy, didn’t think scrolling would be as good as it is. Very smooth 👍

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B. Douglas jnr
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As an infrastructure architect Visio is one of my main tools. This viewer has worked faultlesly with every file Ive asked it to display.


Visio Viewer for Mac View Visio Files on your MacAlso available for iOS and Android

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