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Mac Cleanup Suite

Mac Cleanup Suite – is a collection of 7 Nektony Mac cleanup utilities with a 55 % off price: Disk Expert, Duplicates Expert, Memory Cleaner X, Disk Inspector, ClearDisk, App Uninstaller, Funter.

Buy – $19.99
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App Cleaner

With App Cleaner you can remove applications on Mac completely or clear only their service files. The app allows even to find and delete Remains – service files of previously removed apps.

Buy – $3.99
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Disk Expert

What’s really taking up space on your computer? Quickly and easily find the biggest, bulkiest files, so you can remove or back them up as needed. Disk Expert makes the process simple and intuitive so you can clear space faster.

Buy – $9.99
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Duplicates Expert

Find & Destroy Space-Eating Duplicates. Statistics show that at least 7% of your Mac is most likely clogged by duplicates. Get rid of them now with Duplicates Finder, and start the season with a clean slate.

Buy – $9.99
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App Uninstaller

Seamlessly Uninstall Applications & All Its Service Files. Make sure those extra files aren’t eating up precious space on your Mac with this helpful app that does the legwork for you.

Buy – $9.99
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ClearDisk scans your Mac hard drive for unnecessary files and cleans wasted space by removing the useless data.

Buy – $8.99
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VSD Viewer – Visio Drawings Viewer for Mac

VSD Viewer Mac is a tool designed to support the use of the Visio documents by Mac OS users, enabling them to open and read MS Visio drawings on Mac.

Buy – $14.99
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VSDX Annotator

VSDX Annotator is an app to View, Annotate and Convert Visio Files on a Mac. It provides a wide range of annotation possibilities, along with the ability to share visual documents in a multi-platform environment.

Buy – $24.99
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Disk Inspector

Disk Inspector helps you to keep track of what, where and how large files are stored on your drives. Scan the disk usage and find the biggest files and folders.

Buy – $7.99