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Duplicate File Finder

Professional duplicate cleaner for your Mac.
Remove duplicate files, duplicate folders, and even similar photos.

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The quickest way to find duplicate files on a Mac

  • Duplicate File Finder types files
  • Duplicate File Finder types files
  • Duplicate File Finder types files
  • Duplicate File Finder types files
  • Duplicate File Finder types files

Don’t let useless files take up valuable space on your disk

Declutter your Mac. Organize your file collections with the best duplicate finder.

Scan any disk or folder

folder Home folder
subtractPhotos/Music Libraries
flashExternal disks
cloudCloud storage

It’s so easy…

auto select Auto Select
select in bulkSelect in bulk
  • Preview duplicate photos, music, videos, and any other type of duplicate files.
  • Use the Auto Select option to quickly select useless copies.
  • Quickly select files in a particular folder with a smart feature.
remove duplicates

Merge folders

auto selectCompare folders
open folderOrganize files
  • Detect similar folders – those which have both unique and identical files.
  • Move the data from one folder to another.
  • Bring order to the chaos in your folders.

Clear similar files

music noteMusic
  • Find both duplicate songs/photos and similar ones.
  • Clear similar shots and keep only the best versions of them.
  • Manage your similar songs and organize your Music Library.
duplicate photo
duplicate photo
duplicate photo
duplicate photo
duplicate photo
duplicate photo
duplicate photo
duplicate photo
duplicate photo


auto selectFolders
  • Perform a byte-for-byte comparison between two items.
  • Get proof if the files or folders are the exact duplicates or not.
  • Compare two specific folders and find which duplicate files they have.

Wait! There’s More!


Wide list of settings

  • Find even hidden duplicates
  • Skip scanning specific folders
  • Customize the broad spectrum of Auto Select rules

Safe removal

  • Confirm before deleting
  • View the removal history
  • Restore deleted duplicates from the Trash

Easy and quick

  • Group files by categories
  • Search files by name
  • Select duplicates in bulk in particular folders

People ❤️ it

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This app is easy to use and helped me so much! I’m personally not the best at keeping my files organized, but this saved my bacon! I really like the fact that you can scan multiple folders against each other. Fantastic!Rfroberts

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DFF has been wonderful in helping me to remove duplicate files after migrating three portable hard drives onto one large disk. It saved me 415GB of file space out of the original 1.9GB.Alex Calgony

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Duplicate File Finder lets you get more free disk space by removing unnecessary identical or similar files and folders from your Mac. It works with a variety of file formats and has a really fast scanning algorithm to find matches.Eva Williams

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Finally, a free app that actually allows you to remove duplicates without forcing you to upgrade to pro. It was super fast and cleared a bunch of space in my computer.Splashlyy7

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I’ve been using the app for a few days to try out and it works outstandingly well. For finding duplicates but also for merging folders. The interface is great, and it’s great to go through your files and select which ones you want to keep and which to delete.T.0011

Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete duplicate files on Mac?

Three easy steps, and the job is done! Scan any folder, external drive, or Photos Library → Select unwanted duplicate files, folders, or similar photos → Remove files or merge folders to organize them.

Is Duplicate File Finder free?

Yes. The application is available on the App Store and it’s free for detecting and deleting duplicates. In-app purchase is required for additional Pro features only.

Which types of duplicate files does the app support?

Duplicate File Finder supports all types of files: images, music, video, archives, documents, folders, and so on. It scans the Photos/Music Library, any external disk, cloud storage, or a separate folder on your Mac.

What are the advantages of using Duplicate Files Finder?

This app has the widest set of features that you won’t find in any other duplicate cleaner. It allows you to find similar photos and music, compare files and folders, merge folders, and select duplicates in a particular folder with a smart feature.

How to check whether two files are duplicates or not?

Duplicate File Finder provides the most accurate byte-to-byte results. Its search algorithm checks files by their binary data. If two files differ from each other even by one byte, they are not duplicates. If you are unsure about two files, you can check them with the Compare Files feature in the app.

Where to download a free Duplicate File Finder?

You can download the application from the Mac App Store. The free version allows you to find and delete duplicate files without limitations.

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