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Show hidden files on Mac, hide files with one click, find hidden files by their name.

Free DownloadmacOS 10.10 +
Show hidden files with just one click
Search hidden files in the system folders and packages
Hide files or unhide hidden files to make them visible in Finder
Funter is a free application to show hidden files, change hidden files visibility in Finder, hide files, copy, move or remove unneeded hidden items.

Funter popup menu on a Mac desktop

Finder showing how to switch hidden files visibility with Funter
Hidden files search results in Funter
Finder window showing how to hide files with context menu
Funter window showing memory and disk usage on Mac

Why to use Funter?

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The easiest way to find and operate hidden files on a Mac

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Apple-notarized. Safe and approved by Apple.

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Absolutely Free. Just download and use it.

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Multi-Lingual Support

Funter speaks your language






M1, macOS 10.10+Price – FreeIncluded in MacCleaner Pro bundle
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