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Show hidden files on Mac, hide files with one click, find hidden files by their name.

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Funter is a free application to show hidden files, switch hidden files visibility in Finder, hide files, copy, move or remove unneeded hidden items.

Funter popup menu on a Mac desktop

Show hidden files on Mac easily as never before!

  • Access Funter right from the menu bar
  • Switch hidden files visibility
  • Make hidden files visible even after Finder relaunch.

Hide files on Mac just in Finder

The app integrates to Finder and adds its own command to the context menu. Now you can change the file hidden attribute just from Finder.

Simply right-click on any file or folder and find the Hide/Unhide option in a shortcut menu

Get even more fantastic features with Funter! View your system usage and optimize your Mac.

  • See Mac memory usage
  • See your disk usage
  • See the volume of removable junk files, duplicates, unused apps and large and old files
  • Click on Review & Clean Up to optimize your Mac with Funter.
Funter window showing memory and disk usage on Mac
macOS 10.13 – 14File Size – 10.5 MBPrice – Free, 0.00 USD
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