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MacCleaner Pro

Professional tools for Mac cleanup

Keep your Mac always fast, clean and organized

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The most detailed disk space analyzer

Disk iconMacintosh HD

72 GB aviable of 500 GB


Speed up and clean up your Mac in one button click

MacCleaner Pro features
Speed Up
Clean Up
Manage Space

Сlear up space on your Mac


All the features you need

To clean up Mac hard drive and make the system run faster

Free up RAM
Clear inactive RAM memory
Disable startup programs
Stop apps running on Mac startup
Reindex Spotlight
Rebuild the index of Spotlight
Reindex Mail
Rebuild the index of Mailboxes
Remove Internet plugins
Clear unneeded add-ons
Disable browser extensions
Manage and remove extensions
Quit heavy consumers
Close memory-consuming apps
Clear cache, cookies, logs
Installation files
Remove .dmg items
Language files
Remove unneeded localization files
Clear the Downloads folder
Mail attachments
Remove unneeded attachments
Screenshot files
Get rid of unneeded screenshot files
Trash bin
Empty your Trash
Remove unneeded zipped files
Manage large documents
Duplicate files
Find and remove duplicates
Movie files
Clear large videos and movie libraries
Music files
Remove large music and voice files
Detect and clear large photos
Uninstall unused apps
System files
Analyze space occupied by system items
Home folder
Analyze disk usage in the Home folder

Easy junk files cleaner and speed optimizer for your Mac

MacCleaner Pro will help you complete any disk cleaning task easily and quickly.

Speed Up Mac
Clean Up Mac
Manage Files
  • Performance boost
  • MacCleaner Pro window showing Disable browser extensions tab
  • Full system cleanup
  • MacCleaner Pro showing Caches section
  • Disk space analyzing
  • MacCleaner Pro window showing Duplicate files section
  • HD clutter control
  • MacCleaner Pro showing Overview window

With MacCleaner Pro you get additional Pro tools
for a deep Mac cleanup

Duplicate File Finder icon

Duplicate File Finder

— Remove duplicate files

— Clear similar-looking photos

— Merge duplicate folders

— Organize duplicate content

dff window
app cleaner and uninstaller

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

— Completely remove programs

— Get rid of apps’ leftovers

— Take control of startup programs and extensions

— Change default apps

app cleaner & uninstaller
Disk Space Analyzer

Disk Space Analyzer

— Analyze Mac disk space usage

— Find the largest files and folders

— Remove old unused files

disk space analyzer

Safe. Fast.

High star rating

There are thousands of positive reviews about MacCleaner Pro, you can find on review websites.

Notarized by Apple

MacCleaner Pro, its PRO tools and helpers are notarized by Apple and proved, as being safe and free from malware.

Regular updates

We regularly optimize MacCleaner Pro for the latest macOS updates. Check the revision history of the app.

Free technical support

Whenever you have any questions, just contact our Support team. We are always happy to assist you.

Taking care of users’ files

MacCleaner Pro always displays a confirmation window before cleaning up selected system files and users’ items.

Various pricing options

You can choose either a subscription or a one-time purchase. We also offer corporate, loyalty and educational discounts.

What our users say about the MacCleaner PRO

Bob Dudek


MacCleaner Pro is an excellent and efficient application. And the customer service is beyond compare.



I have been using the “App Cleaner and Uninstaller Pro” by Nektony for a few years now. I consider it a must-have application! User-friendly interface, simple to use, and very effective. It does exactly what it says in a simple, fast, and efficient way.



Nektony’s MacCleaner Pro is a versatile and fairly easy to use program, well it’s actually a complete set of programs.

Powerful software. Inspiring results.

Remove duplicates
Disable startup programs
Find large files
Find hidden files
Free up RAM
Manage extensions
Monitor memory usage
Unistall apps
Clear similar photos
Speed up
Remove duplicates
Clear junk
Clean up
Analyze disk usage
Change default apps
Change default apps
Analyze disk usage
Clean up
Clear junk
Free up RAM
Manage extensions
Speed up
Remove duplicates
Monitor memory usage
Find hidden files
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