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“MacCleaner Pro is a suite of six applications developed to clean up and speed up your Mac. It offers tools to find and remove duplicate files and folders (including the ability to merge Similar folders.) It will also safely and completely uninstall apps. The Memory Cleaner will clear inactive RAM to boost performance. Disk Expert will analyze your disk space usage and find the bulkiest content…”

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MacCleaner Pro 2 is a competent utility for all Mac owners. For anyone who owns a Mac with limited RAM and SSD space, MacCleaner Pro 2 is good way of turning it into a lean, mean, fighting machine. It’s also great for hunting down hidden mail attachments and uninstalling apps that are no longer needed. Tidying up a Mac with MacCleaner Pro 2 becomes slightly addictive and feels a little like tending to a Zen garden.

“MacCleaner Pro is clean, easy and quick to identify the key areas where your Mac is suffering from bloat. I can recommend it to all Mac users, especially creatives rather than technicians. The key benefit of this kind of software is that it gives you the information you need to make good decisions about what to remove from your machine.”

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“MacCleaner Pro is an efficient macOS cleaner that starts the Mac cleaning process with control over the selected files, apps, and Mac speedup tasks. MacCleaner Pro provides also additional professional tools, helping to solve different system tasks, such as speeding it up, clearing junk files and managing bulky content.”

“MacCleaner Pro is a suite of six applications developed to clean and speed up your Mac. It offers tools for locating and erasing duplicate files and folders (including the ability to merge similar folders). It is also used to completely and safely uninstall applications. Memory Cleaner clears inactive RAM to improve performance. Disk Expert will analyze your disk space usage and identify the largest content, and the Funter feature will get its hands on hidden files and folders.”

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“Mac optimization is a big market, and MacCleaner Pro does more than enough to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps the thing we love most about MacCleaner Pro is that it comes at a great price and is a one-time purchase – making it much cheaper over time than its rivals that use a subscription model. It’s also packed full of features in apps that are well-designed and easy to use, so even if you’ve never used a Mac optimizer before you’ll have no problems.”

“The software is professional but it does not mean that it is suitable for professionals only. Every kind of user (students, workers, businessmen, etc.) can use the software as per their requirements without facing disappointment. The software does what it says, clears space on Mac, and does it perfectly.”


“So when you launch MacCleaner Pro, you get this “Fast Cleanup” button and have no need to care whether it’s actually running a separate app or not. All you see is that very quickly, it finds junk files and other issues that are taking up your space, and it deletes them.”


“MacCleaner 3 Pro is a set of applications that allows you to free up space and optimize your Mac. In addition to cleaning the hard disk and freeing up RAM memory, it allows you to completely delete each app, look for duplicate photos and videos that take up unnecessary space, delete the cache and much more.”

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“MacCleaner Pro is a set of six professional apps to clean up Mac hard drive. Use the bundle to free up disk space and speed up your Mac. MacCleaner Pro will help you to quickly and easily free up space on your Mac and optimize its performance.”


“MacCleaner Pro offers a comprehensive suite of features that goes beyond ordinary cleanup tools. It optimizes your Mac’s RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and faster application performance. Experience a significant boost in speed and responsiveness that you won’t believe.”

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Highly recommend the app. All the tools are professional and do the job perfectly!


Very helpful and very fast support. I use the app primarily for uninstalling and it works like a charm.

Jiri Brezina

The application runs flawlessly and their support is fast and efficient. I highly praise.

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The apps do what they say and have a great UI. They do no magic – but are a real time safer. Customer support responded very quickly and fairly. I lost my license key when moving to a new mac and they gave me a one for a newer version because I purchased the older one not that long before its release.


I find MacCleaner Pro useful. It helps me keep my Mac uncluttered, running efficiently and enables me to sort files that are redundant, duplicated or no longer required. Nektony Support is outstanding.
They provide an excellent, friendly, and professional service.

Highly recommend the app. All the tools are professional and do the job perfectly!

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MacCleaner Pro Clean up and speed up your Mac and optimize your disk space usage.
macOS 10.13 - 14Version: 3.2.7 (19.01.2024)2-day evaluation period
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