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    MacCleaner Pro is a powerful software to clean up and speed up your Mac computer

    Release date: June 17, 2020


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by Mark(USA flag– CA)
I love this bundle of apps. It has all I need to clear up extra space on my Mac: disk analyzing tool, duplicate finder, hidden files finder, app uninstaller, cache cleaner and ram cleaner. Their usefulness can’t be overstated.

by Linds (USA flag– US)
Whenever I find that I need to free up space or just want to see what’s taking up most space on my Mac, MacCleaner is the first thing I turn to. The last time I found out that I had up 3 GB of duplicates and easily got rid of them. The app does its’ work perfectly.

by Markus (Switzerland flag– Switzerland)
Wonderful set of apps to get rid of all the unwanted files on your Mac: duplicates, cache, extensions, and so on. I purchased it with a great big discount and totally happy about that.

by Mykhas (USA flag– US)
I had a significant disk space occupied with the label of “other’ and this tool helped me to clear these files and get more free space. Also, it helped me to find the bulkiest content on my disk and organize my files, in order to optimize my Mac’s memory storage. I’m happy and thankful to the developers. Keep doing great things, guys!

by Pablo (USA flag– US)
I’ve used MacCleaner for a while, usually clearing cache and uninstalling apps. But after updating to the High Sierra, my MacBook Pro started to work slowly. So I launched MacCleaner, and step by step opened each cleaning tool to analyze my disk usage and find all junk files. I was really surprised by the size of junk files on my disk. I’ve made a deep cleanup of all unwanted apps, apps’ remains, duplicate files… Then I deleted unneeded browser extensions and some add-ons from unwanted apps using the uninstaller tool from the bundle, and my MacBook started working like a new one again. Now I just trust the bundle’s Memory Cleaner to automatically clear my RAM and speed up my MacBook’s performance. And it does its’ job efficiently!

Diane(Indonesia flag– Indonesia)
I was looking for an app that would clean up my Mac from junk files and keep it running fast. But with MacCleaner, I got more than I expected. There are great professional tools in this bundle that have no worthy competitors. Fast, nice interface, super intuitive!

by Stephen (Australia flag– Australia)
I have used this suite on my iMac for many years and it has never had a failure. No worries about leaving unwanted files on my disk. It works quickly and keeps my computer also functioning at top speed. First, I downloaded the trial as I wanted to check first. But after using it for one day, I fell in love with this software. So I wasn’t waiting long to buy it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. The developers update it regularly and make sure I can keep trusting the tool, even when I update my mac operating system.

by Alex (Sweden flag– Sweden)
I’ve found MacCleaner to be really smart and professional. Simple to use and the steps are clear about what will be deleted.

by J.C. (China flag– China)
I had not cleaned my Mac’s hard drive since I bought it. I wanted to update the operating system and was looking for a correct way to do that. I found an article which explained why your disk should be cleaned before the update and how to clean it up. So I started looking for a good software tool which can help me in that. I was thinking of several apps, but after reading the reviews about tools included in MacCleaner bundle, I decided to take this one and now I’m happy about making the right decision. I recommend it to all Mac users.

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