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Memory Cleaner

Free up RAM and speed up your Mac

Make your Mac live up to its fullest potential with the best speed boosting app.

Memory Cleaner contains additional cleaning tools for Mac

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Make your Mac run faster with Memory Cleaner


Clear RAM with one click

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Monitor memory usage by apps

Weight icon

Find the most memory consuming apps

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Set automatic RAM cleanup

Quit icon

Close and force quit frozen apps

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See how much RAM
you have

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View disk usage statistics

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See Mac memory usage

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See removable junk

How to free up RAM on Mac

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It’s easier than you think!

click on free up button

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One click in Memory Cleaner and the job is done!
Just enjoy your fast Mac!

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automatically free up

Use Memory Cleaner to manage:

  • RAM memory usage of the system
  • RAM memory used by apps
  • RAM memory used by background processes
  • Amount of available free Mac memory
  • Amount of removable files
  • Date and size of latest RAM cleanup
Memory Cleaner showing disk usage on Mac

Force quit Mac apps

If you have ever faced the problem of frozen apps, you know that “Force Quit on Mac” might not be working.
However, Memory Cleaner can fix this problem and force quit even Finder.

Memory Cleaner reviews and mentions


This is an OMG great app! It has one major advantage over similar apps…you always know how much RAM each and every one of your apps is using all of the time. Great for spotting RAM hogs and leaks. Extremely flexible for freeing up and recovering RAM so that you will likely never run out of it.MacUpdate


I am very impressed with this app. It allows users to clear inactive RAM and free up space on your computer. Memory Cleaner X check for duplicates, junk, very old material, and unused applications. When you give it the go ahead, it cleans it all up with the tap of a key. If you have ever gotten the warning that you are running out of memory you are familiar with the problem.

Ngan Tengyuen

Memory Cleaner X monitors your memory usage and cleans up your Mac’s memory, increasing performance. Cached memory can take up the memory needed for new apps, and Memory Cleaner X increases performance by cleaning cached memory. Memory Cleaner X also monitors RAM usage on your computer, and you can free up unused memory in just one click.
Gecko & Fly

macOS 10.13 – 14Last Update 5.2.2 Price – Free, 0.00 USD
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