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Memory Cleaner

Get more Free RAM and Speed up your Mac. Make your Mac live up to its fullest potential with this performance-improving app.

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Monitor memory usage by apps

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Set automatic memory cleanup

Make your Mac run faster with Memory Cleaner

The application allows you to clear inactive RAM automatically or manually and provides you with the following useful information:

  • RAM memory usage of the system
  • RAM memory used by apps
  • RAM memory used by background processes
  • Amount of available free Mac memory
  • Amount of removable files
  • Date and size of latest RAM cleanup

  • Memory Cleaner is a cleaning and memory optimizing tool for MacBook and iMac. It is super easy to use. Single click on the Cleanup button and the app will quickly clean the RAM.

  • You can set up automatic modes to forget about regular monitoring of the apps’ CPU usage and just enjoy a fast Mac.

  • You will find even more useful features in the Preferences:

    • Launch Memory Cleaner at Mac startup
    • Choose the suitable for you title in Menu Bar
    • Free up memory automatically when you quit large apps
    • Set up the frequency of memory cleanup depending of memory usage or of your own preferences
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    Get more Free RAM and Speed up your Mac

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    Memory Cleaner

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    • Memory usage information displayed in the menu bar

    • Memory usage per application

    • Manual memory free up when needed

    • Automatic memory free up