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Visio Viewers Line

Open and preview Microsoft Visio (.vsd, .vdx, .vsdx) drawings on 3 non-Windows platforms: Mac, iOS, Android. One-to-one rendering of complex elements, switching of layers and shape data, etc.

  • Visio-Viewer-Basic-Rendering

    Basic Rendering

    Viewers process drawings with various basic attributes and styles: colors, fonts, spacing, width, height, etc.

  • Visio-Viewer-Specific-Images

    Specific Images

    Windows-Enhanced Metafiles, AutoCad images, BitMaps – we render all kinds of such elements.

  • Visio-Viewer-Layers-Switching

    Layers Switching

    If your image has multiple layers, you can simply switch them on/off, print and convert in resulted output.

  • Visio-Viewer-Shape-Data

    Shape Data

    Almost the same as layers. Tap on single button and access contents hidden in shape data sets.

  • visio-viewer-mac

  • visio-viewer-android