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MacCleaner Pro

Clean up and speed up your Mac with a few clicks. Get an all-in-one professional software to take care of your Mac.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Delete programs on Mac entirely and safely, remove apps’ leftovers, manage extensions and startup programs.

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Duplicate File Finder

Remove useless duplicates on your Mac, find similar images and music, merge folders and organize your files.

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Disk Space Analyzer

Find the files taking up the most space on your Mac. Copy, move or remove bulky content to free up space.

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VSD Viewer

Preview any Visio drawing of VSD, VDX/VSDX file formats. Print and save to PDF your drawings.

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VPN Client

Best VPN service for Mac. Keep your personal data safe and access geo-restricted content. Use completely secure VPN servers.

Optimize your Mac’s performance

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Completely uninstall apps on your Mac

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Quickly find duplicates on your Mac

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Analyze disk space usage on your Mac

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Preview Visio drawings on your Mac

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Get online privacy, security and freedom

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Essential cleanup apps for Mac

MacCleaner Pro

Six cleanup tools in one bundle

  • Remove cache, logs and other junk files
  • Optimize RAM and speed up your Mac
  • Get six cleanup tools to take care of your Mac
  • Optimize disk space usage

MacCleaner icon

MacCleaner Pro

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Duplicate File Finder icon

Duplicate File Finder

Disk Space Analyzer green icon

Disk Space Analyzer

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Memory Cleaner

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App Cleaner & Uninstaller

  • Completely uninstall apps
  • Disable startup programs
  • Remove browser extensions
  • Find remaining files

Uninstall unused applications

app 1
app 2
app 3
ac bin

Duplicate File Finder

  • Find duplicates on any disk
  • Clear duplicate and similar media
  • Compare particular files
  • Merge folders and organize your files
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Optimaze your disk space

Disk Space Analyzer

  • See what is taking space on your disk
  • Detect old and unused files
  • Find the largest files and folders
  • See the hidden bulky content on your Mac


  • Get an easy hidden file manager
  • Find any hidden files that Spotlight never shows
  • Remove or move hidden files
  • Hide any item on your Mac
folder big

Make your Mac run faster

Clear RAM
with one

Cleaning …

Memory Cleaner

  • Free up RAM
  • Monitor memory usage by apps
  • Quit memory-consuming apps
  • Speed up your Mac and stop the spinning pinwheel

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Nektony Support was outstanding. I contacted Nektony and was immediately and efficiently provided with assistance. I find MacCleaner Pro useful. It helps me keep my Mac uncluttered, running efficiently and enables me to sort files that are redundant, duplicated or no longer required.


Sonny Crane

Love this app. It does everything to help my Mac.

I have been with Mac for over 28 years and this app really does it right for so many other great features.

They are a great company to deal with.

Google Play

Victor Soare

Extremely useful apps on the road. Amazing support from the dev team: I suggested a feature, a couple of days later the update was there. 🙂 The second suggestion found its way into another update.

Our user


Great software, good documentation, great support.

I’m a fan, using this software to my satisfaction for a couple of years now. When contacting support for a question, e-mailing almost turned into an instant-messaging experience and the support was totally adequate.


HUGE thanks to @Nektony for their article about removing CrashPlan from a Mac. Why the CP devs set up the app so it couldn’t easily be removed is beyond me – but the terminal code provided by Nektony did the trick! greatly appreciated!

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Quality Guaranteed.

  • All our apps are Apple-notarized that proves them to be safe and free from malware.
  • We regularly optimize our apps for the latest macOS updates and check them for a smooth work.


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