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  • mac defrag

    How to defrag a Mac? Should you defrag a Mac hard drive?

    If you switch from Windows to a Macintosh computer, you may wonder whether you need defragging your Mac for disk optimization. In this article, we will dive into the Mac defrag questions and tell you how to defrag a Mac hard drive. Contents What is disk defragmentation Do you need to defragment a Mac? How […]

  • how to clear firefox cache

    How to clear cache in Firefox

    The Firefox browser, like any other web browser, saves HTML and media files to its caches. In most cases, cache helps to speed up the page loading time. Nevertheless, a large number of cache files tend to slow down the browser or to display some pages incorrectly if the information on the site has been […]

  • what is other storage on mac

    How to clean up “Other Storage” on Mac

    If you check your Mac’s storage usage, you may find that the “Other Storage” takes up too much space on your drive. In this article, we will explain what this ominous storage space is, where it is located, and how to clear “Other” on Mac. Contents: 1. How to check Mac disk space usage 2. […]

  • gemini the duplicate finder review

    Gemini 2 vs. Duplicate File Finder

    There’s nothing more annoying than when your Mac disk is full. Usually, it happens when too many identical and duplicate files clutter the disk space. It can be even more frustrating if there isn’t time to sort through the many duplicate files that have accumulated. Fortunately, you can use special apps to automatically remove duplicate […]

  • free up RAM

    How to clear RAM on Mac

    There are situations when you do not have enough RAM memory for a good Mac performance. In this case, you need to clear RAM on Mac as soon as possible. In this article, we will share three methods of how to free up RAM on Mac to make your system run fast. Contents: 1. What […]