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  • duplacate, large and hidden folders

    Find Duplicate, Large and Hidden files on a Mac

    If the disk space on your Mac starts running low, then it is time to clean up the hard drive. You can begin with removing unneeded duplicate files, hidden files and old unused large files, as usually these files take up the most disk space. There are many great apps that can help you to […]

  • mac-preference-panes-remove

    How to Remove System Preferences Panes on Mac

    As every Mac user knows, the settings and appearance of macOS can be adjusted via System Preferences. However, not everyone knows that the System Preferences window itself can be customized. For instance, some applications add icons to the System Preferences window by default. These are called System Preference panes, and sometimes these panes may still […]

  • macbook-battery-health

    MacBook Battery Life – How to Check Battery health

    If you use MacBook Air or Pro, you should pay attention to the state of your laptop batteries. Be especially watchful if there are any suspicious symptoms; for example, your Mac’s battery discharges quickly or it doesn’t work without a power source. It may happen because after numerous recharge cycles, batteries lose their capacity so […]

  • take-screenshots-macos

    How to take a screenshot on Mac

    Since Macs don’t have a PrintScreen button like in Windows, many Mac beginners don’t know how to take a screenshot on Mac. In fact, this is simple, and there are even several ways to do the task. But first, let’s see what each symbol and key means: 1. Key shortcuts to take a screenshot on […]

  • find-large-files-on-macos-sierra

    How to find the largest files on macOS Sierra

    Those, who have updated their Macs to macOS Sierra, may have seen the benefits of the system’s new storage optimization feature. With macOS Sierra, you can find and remove the largest and unnecessary files. It has a Reduce Clutter feature, which means that you can find large and old files and folders that you probably […]