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  • how to clear safari cache

    How to reset Safari on Mac

    Cache cleaning can save gigabytes of space on your Mac. Each time you open web pages, Safari saves their caches and stores them in a temporary folder in the Library. On the one hand, this helps Safari to retrieve websites from the cache faster than it receives from the Internet. On the other hand, over […]

  • mac home folder

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mac Home Folder

    If you are new to Mac, it may be difficult to understand how the macOS file system is organized and what a Home folder on Mac is. But don’t worry! In this article, we will explain the Mac folder structure in detail: what files the Home folder stores, how to rename the Home folder, and […]

  • iphoto on mac

    Stop iPhoto From Opening Automatically

    IPhoto or Photos is a convenient Mac photo software app, which you can find in the Applications folder or in the Launchpad. Although it is the best photo app for Mac, it has one annoying option. Every time you connect your iPhone to your Mac, it opens automatically. Even when you just need to charge […]

  • tips mac

    Best Mac Tips and Tricks You Might not Know About

    The Mac operating system has lots of secrets which even experienced Mac users may not know about. Today, we will share some Mac tricks provided to make work on your Macbook or iMac more productive. The article will be especially useful for those who are new to Mac. How to create Mac shortcuts for any […]

  • duplicate finder - new version

    Duplicate File Finder Gets Amazing 5.1 Update

    We’re happy to share Duplicate File Finder new version 5.1 which brings exclusive features for quick organizing and deleting duplicate files on your Mac. Duplicate File Finder was designed to help you to quickly get rid of useless duplicate content. If you get the update you will get these new features: Select Duplicates in Folder […]