useful tips for Mac, iPhone and iPad users

  • save battery power

    7 tips to Maximize Macbook’s battery life

    Macbook battery life is much higher than for other laptops, however over time, it begins to decline slowly. To delay this as long as possible, use these few easy tips, found below. In this article, we will tell you how to maintain the battery of your Mac in good condition throughout its entire service life. Some […]

  • maintenance mac

    Mac Maintenance Tips

    Your Mac’s need for maintenance is similar to that of your car’s. First, proper maintenance is crucial in order to keep your system from failing on you. And second, when well cared for, your Mac will run consistently and perform at a fast speed for all of your daily activities. When you make regular maintenance […]

  • what is the best video conferencing apps

    Best video conferencing apps to work from home

    Whether you are now working from home because of the quarantine or you are just a freelancer, for remote work, you may be looking for a free video-conferencing solution. We have chosen and tested the best video conferencing software that will help you to get productive work going anywhere. Read the article and choose the […]

  • how to be productive when you work from home

    6 Tips for working from home

    Over the last weeks, many companies all over the world have minimized their business meetings and instructed some of their employees to work from home, due to the spread of COVID-19. Working from home seems to be perfect, as you save time spent on the road to the office, and it doesn’t really matter what […]

  • how to edit photos with mac editor

    Mac image editor – how to edit photos on Mac

    The Photos app, which is a Mac built-in image editor, is a convenient free photo editing software tool that helps you edit pictures easily. Most users jump straight to the conclusion that, in order to properly edit an image, you first have to purchase sophisticated third-party software. To make a point about this, we’ve decided […]