Refund Policy

Nektony software applications are available on a “try before you buy” basis.

Free versions of the applications are available for trial, which ensures that you can fully experience them before making your purchase. Software documentation is also available online at

We recommend reviewing the documentation and trying the applications before purchasing, to make sure that they meet your requirements.

Circumstances of Eligible Refund

Please note, if you want a refund, your refund request should be sent to Nektony’s Support Team within 30 days of your purchase. The request sent after 30 days of the transaction will not be considered.

A refund request will be granted if it meets the Accepted Circumstances listed below:

  • Double purchase of the same product.
  • Unresolved technical difficulties. If no solution has been provided within 30 days to deal with a confirmed technical problem within Nektony’s software, a refund will be granted upon the customer’s request.

Circumstances of Ineligible Refund

Customer refund requests are generally granted, unless:

  • The refund request for order exceeds 30 days after your purchase date.
  • The user is unable to use the software due to user error.
  • The user is unable to use the software because of user experience or skills.
  • The user is unable to use the software due to an old or outdated macOS or hardware environment.
  • The user is unable to operate the software in the user’s computing environment.
  • The user did not check and fully experience the application’s options because of which he purchased this application.
  • The user changed his mind to use the application after purchasing it because of his personal preferences.
  • The user refuses to cooperate with technical solutions provided by Nektony. If technical issues arise, customers are advised to cooperate with the Support Team to provide detailed information, specific explanation of the issue, screenshots, files, etc.
  • The request was due to complaint of credit card fraud or other unauthorized payment.*
  • The request claims that the license code was not received within several hours.**
  • The user received reminder emails about upcoming payments and did not cancel the subscription in time.***

* Nektony and its payment processing partner carefully monitor payment authorization. Nektony and its partner provide secure SSL encryption with a digital certificate and follow strict transaction protocol, in which suspicious transactions are denied. You should contact your card issuer if there are concerns about fraudulent activity.

**Generally, once an order has been placed successfully, the e-commerce partner will automatically send an email with the license code. However, sometimes the arrival of this registration email could be delayed because of Internet issues, email spam settings, or an email address typo. In this case, please contact the Nektony Support Team. The Support Team will reply within 24 hours. If you purchase a product using PayPal, the confirmation and license key are sent to your PayPal email.

***If you have received reminder emails about upcoming payments and did not cancel your subscription in time, this does not qualify for a refund. We provide all necessary notifications to allow you to make timely decisions regarding your subscription renewal or cancellation.

Once a refund is confirmed, the license will be voided. Nektony reserves the right to disable keys and/or serial numbers for refunded software.

Please note that we can only accept refund claims for products purchased via our online store at Purchases made from Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and other outlets are subject to the respective retailer’s refund policies.

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