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VSD Viewer for Android

VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings is a professional tool designed for viewing VSD, VDX, VSDX drawings on a smartphone or tablet using the Android operating system.

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Main Features of VSD Viewer for Android

visio drawings

Open VSD, VDX, VSDX drawings on Android

outside page boundaries

View objects outside page boundaries

funter eye

View gradient-filled objects

dimension units

View original dimension units


Navigate multi-page documents

Session Plan

The Visio file viewer renders and supports any VSD, VDX or VSDX file correctly and completely. You can open both binary and XML-based VDX/VSDX documents.

Easily navigate drawing

zooming, scrolling, copying the text, displaying guidelines and other objects with formatting.

View complex formatted objects

gradient fill, tabulation, the upper and lower texts, and page numeration.

View hidden objects

callouts, dimension lines, objects beyond the page edges, hidden layers of the documents. Preview documents with embedded metafiles.

Preview formatted elements:
Explore Advanced Documents:
motorcycle manufacturing supply chain

View Visio drawings wherever you are

With VSD Viewer for Android by Nektony, you don’t need an internet connection to open the drawings. Your important files are protected from being shared online.Explore

  • View Hidden Layers
  • Hide and Unhide Layers
  • Preview Objects Shape Data
  • View objects placed outside page boundaries
  • View original dimension units
  • Navigate multi-page documents
  • Scroll and zoom the documents
  • Copy drawing texts
  • View documents with MS Visio 2013 themes
  • View documents with metafiles
  • View complex formatted objects: lines, fill, color, gradients, text formatting, text subscript and superscript, tabulated text*
  • Switch visibility of document guides
  • View documents with hidden objects

VSD Viewer for Android reviews and mentions

Jason Lee

five stars

Works really well, even with large. VSD files. Very happy I didn’t think scrolling would be as good as it is. Very smooth 👍Google Play

Ben Liu

five stars

Best Visio app available on Android Definitely the best Visio app available to render your Visio diagrams in their original glory without having to convert to another format such as PDF. The dedicated development team that responds to feedback to improve this app. Recommended to everyone and worth the relatively higher price!!Google Play

Sergey Milanov

five stars

One and the only viewer that allows you to open and view Microsoft Visio files.Google Play

VSD Viewer Android
View Visio drawings on your tabletAlso available for macOS and iOS
Android 5.0+Price – $9.99One-time payment
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