How to annotate Visio documents on Mac

VSDX Annotator is a great alternative for Microsoft Visio when you need to make some notes and changes in a Visio document on your Mac. This app makes it possible to annotate your Visio flowcharts, diagrams, schemes, drawings and other Visio files on your Mac.
VSDX Annotator provides a wide range of annotation possibilities. Create basic shapes, lines and arrows in a Visio document. Add a title, comment or question shapes for your colleagues. You can choose a shape’s color, size, lines type and thickness. It is even possible to insert a graphic image to the drawing.
This app handles all of your needs, enabling you to add comments and modify a Microsoft Visio file on the OS X operating system.

Annotation tools for Visio drawings

– Insert Title Shape
– Insert Red/Blue/Dash Arrow Line
– Insert Note Shape
– Choose and Insert Shape
– Insert Comment Shape
– Remove Selected Shape
– Insert Attention Shape
– Fill Color
– Insert Critical Shape
– Line Color
– Insert Question Shape
– Text Style
– Insert Picture from File
– Show Shadow
– Insert Text Box
– Set Shape Order

Our team understands how important it is to have a Microsoft Visio alternative for Mac. We have created VSDX Annotator to close the gap of interoperability for those who need to share MS Visio drawings between different operation systems` users. VSDX Annotator is a powerful application with an advanced ability to modify Visio drawings on Mac.

You will love VSDX Annotator`s intuitive design and the stunning set of editing possibilities.

  • Add any text shape with the ability to change:
      – Font
      – Color
      – Line alignment
      – Bold/Cursive/Underlined
      – Size

  • vsdx_annotator_text_formatting

  • vsdx_annotator_fill

  • vsdx_annotator_format

  • Choose the line type for any arrow, line, shape borders.
  • vsdx_annotator_line_type

  • vsdx_annotator_comment_1

  • vsdx_annotator_comment_2

  • Add a shadow for any graphic object you create.
  • vsdx_annotator_shadow_2

  • vsdx_annotator_shadow

  • Easily change the order for any graphic object. Select the object and choose the action.
  • vsdx_annotator_shape_order

  • vsdx_annotator_shapes_crder

  • vsdx_annotator_shapes_order_2

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