Quality assurance expert
Alex is a Quality assurance expert at Nektony and Apple-certified support professional. Being responsible for software quality he also is co-author of technical tutorials for macOS users.
Author Bio
Alex is a Quality assurance expert at Nektony, driving continuous improvements of applications. Also, Alex is an Apple-certified support professional and he knows everything about the macOS system and network services.
Alex studied Information Security and Telecommunications. His interests included new technology and he liked to test software tools and mobile apps. In 2008 - 2011 he has been studying Internet technologies and after graduating he started to help development companies make their software safe and qualitative. In 2020 Alex earned a macOS Support Essentials 10.15 certificate from Apple.
Being responsible for the high quality of Nektony apps, Alex also checks tech-articles on and provides useful tips to fix the issues with macOS and iOS/iPadOS systems.

Apple certificate Sasha Holovchenko

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