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VSD Viewer for iOS and Android – FAQ

What is a VSD Viewer?

VSD Viewer is an app for iOS, iPadOS and Android that enables viewing of Microsoft Visio 2000 – 2010 documents in .vsd, .vdx, .vsdx, extensions on non-Windows platforms. The app supports viewing multi-page documents, special Visio objects and more specific options.

Which platforms does VSD Viewer support?

The VSD Viewer application supports iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Android systems. Here are the system requirements for VSD Viewer:
iOS – 11.0 and latter
Android – 5.0 and higher
macOS – 10.12 and latter

How to open .vdx, .vsdx file formats on iPad or Android tablet?

Use the “Open In” command on your iPad and select VSD Viewer to open and preview your drawing.
Unfortunately, Android has specific restrictions for XML extensions, so first you have to save files to the device and only then open them with VSD Viewer from flash memory.

What elements of Visio drawing does VSD Viewer display?

The app displays basics: different texts, embedded text, color, various lines width, lines with arrows, figures, images; works with tabs, multi-page drawings. Users are also able to view some Windows and Enhanced metafiles, Linking and Embedding Objects, that are widely used in professional drawings like network diagrams or floor-plans.

Do I need Internet connection to process the documents?

No, basically, VSD Viewer works without an Internet connection, since it processes files on a device, not converts your documents on remote servers. By rendering documents on a device we provide a better level of security. The only part that requires the Internet – EMF / WMF images.

Why may some documents open longer than others?

Probably, documents that take much time to open compared to others contain a big number of EMFs or WMFs (Enhance or Windows MetaFiles) – image file formats originally designed for Microsoft Windows. It is intended to be portable between applications and may contain both vector graphics and bitmap components. In addition, drawings might contain thousands of graphic elements, rendering big documents can take a significant amount of time.

How to view objects outside the drawing’s page borders?

Go to application preferences and enable the Extend Drawing Area option.

How can I transfer documents to Visio Viewer?

You can use the system command “Open in…” to open from 3rd party apps, you can directly open drawings from some cloud storages. The iPhone and iPad users can copy drawings to the application with iTunes.

What cloud storages are supported?

VSD Viewer supports Box, Dropbox, MS OneDrive, and GoogleDrive cloud storage..

Why do some images lose transparency after being rendered?

Metafile images are rendered as opaque. If you want them to be rendered with transparency, you should change the “Metafiles Transparency” setting in preferences.

Does VSD Viewer render metafiles?

Yes. VSD Viewer renders metafiles images built-in document. It renders both types of metafiles WMFs and EMFs. Furthermore, the application renders built-in OLE (Objects Linking and Embedding) objects.

What limitations does Visio Viewer have?

VSD Viewer does not render objects’ shadows, forms from the VB constructor, due to memory limitations it does not render huge documents.

Can I edit drawings with VSD Viewer?

No. VSD Viewer only allows you to view the files. It provides some options to interact with your drawings.

Does Visio Viewer support drawings with layers?

Yes. VSD Viewer allows you to preview complex drawings with multiple layers, switch layers visibility to preview hidden objects. Furthermore, you can preview assigned Shape Data for objects.

How can I share my drawings?

With VSD Viewer you can save your drawings to Adobe PDF and print files. Note, you can turn some layers on and off and save to PDF your current document state.

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