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Previewing options

VSDX Annotator supports Microsoft Visio® VSD, VDX and VSDX file formats. It shows the drawings exactly the same way as they are displayed in Visio®. It allows to open Visio® files and preview complex technical drawings with layers, shape data and hyperlinks.

  • View Visio® 2000-2013 files in VSD, VDX and VSDX formats. You can see multipage drawings with advanced rendering of all a Visio® file`s content and accurate display of:
    • – rich objects formatting
    • – metafile images
    • – OLE-objects
    • – tabulated texts
    • – background pages
    • – links
  • View the layers and switch a document’s layers visibility. You can even show hidden layers.
  • Explore Shape Data, Hyperlinks, and  Guides.
  • Navigate multipage Visio® documents. For convenience, you can choose scrolling and zoom tools. You can also zoom the document to page size or page width.

To open a Visio® on Mac:

  1. Click “Open” tab on the Startup Window.
  2. Choose the drawing from your Mac folders.

*The second time you can open the file from “Recent” tab, where already viewed files are stored. There is also a search option to find a file in a store of viewed Visio® files.

vsdx_annotator_preview_visio_files_on_mac copy

Preview tools to view Visio® files on Mac


– Hide Page Thumbnails
– Select Active Page
– Zoom In
– Set Visible Layers
– Zoom Out
– Show Shape Data
– Zoom to Page Size
– Show Hyperlinks
– Zoom to Page Width
– Show Guides
– Edit Custom Zoom
– Show Annotations
– Hand Scroll Mode

Set the Layers for view

visio layers
visio layers

 Shape Data to view detailed information of graphic objects


Hyperlinks icon  to view the graphic objects` links

visio hyperlinks

visio hyperlinks

Guides icon to see the guides on the Visio® drawing page

visio guides
visio guides

Annotation options

VSDX Annotator is a great  Visio® editor for Mac when you need to make some notes and changes in a Visio® document on your Mac. This app makes it possible to annotate your Visio® flowcharts, diagrams, schemes, drawings and other Visio® files on your Mac.
VSDX Annotator provides a wide range of annotation possibilities. Create basic shapes, lines and arrows in a Visio® document. Add a title, comment or question shapes for your colleagues. You can choose a shape’s color, size, lines type and thickness. It is even possible to insert a graphic image to the drawing.
This app handles all of your needs, enabling you to add comments and modify a Microsoft Visio® file on the OS X operating system.
VSDX Annotator window with Annotate tab opened

Annotation Tools to Edit Visio® on Mac

– Insert Title Shape
– Insert Red/Blue/Dash Arrow Line
– Insert Note Shape
– Choose and Insert Shape
– Insert Comment Shape
– Remove Selected Shape
– Insert Attention Shape
– Fill Color
– Insert Critical Shape
– Line Color
– Insert Question Shape
– Text Style
– Insert Picture from File
– Show Shadow
– Insert Text Box
– Set Shape Order

Our team understands how important it is to have a Microsoft Visio® alternative for Mac. We have created VSDX Annotator to close the gap of interoperability for those who need to share MS Visio® drawings between different operation systems` users. VSDX Annotator is a powerful application with an advanced ability to modify Visio® drawings on Mac.

You will love VSDX Annotator`s intuitive design and the stunning set of editing possibilities.

Add any text shape with the ability to change:

  • – Font
  • – Color
  • – Line alignment
  • – Bold/Cursive/Underlined
  • – Size


  • Choose the line type for any arrow, line, shape borders.

  • Add a shadow for any graphic object you create.

  • Easily change the order for any graphic object. Select the object and choose the action.

Converting options

Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_iconConvert Visio® to PDF

VSDX Annotator is also Visio® Converter. You can collaborate on Visio® drawings in a multiplatform environment and convert VSDX, VDX and VSDX files to most the common format, PDF. Click the appropriate button and choose a folder to save Visio® as PDF.
Visio convert to PDF on Mac

Mail_Visio files in PDFSend the file in PDF via e-mail

VSDX Annotator allows you to mail Visio® drawings to colleagues in just one click. Simply press the appropriate button and the app will attach the PDF file format of the drawing to your Mail window.
to mail visio drawings in PDF

print visio on MacPrint Visio® drawings

To see Visio® drawing on paper just tap the “Print” button. It is possible to choose single pages to print. Note: wireless printing supported via AirPrint only.
print visio drawings on Mac

Visio drawingsSave the modified VSDX file in the same file format

VSDX Annotator is an excellent Microsoft Visio® alternative for Mac users. It has an option to save the annotated .vsdx document back to .vsdx for further opening and editing in MS Visio®< diagramming application.

  1. Go to File from  Menu Bar
  2. Select  Save or Save As Copy

save VSDX file*Note “Save as .vsdx” option is available only for VSDX files

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