Is Nektony legit?

Nektony is a software product development company with a programming team located in Odesa, Ukraine.

The company was founded in 2011 and started its history from releasing a special Mac cleanup utility – Disk Inspector. Since then, Nektony has been working on a series of Mac cleanup utilities, providing them in the App Store and directly on the website.

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High star rating

Nektony’s applications have a high star rating, you can check in the App Store or on trusted sources, such as or

Unique and useful content on our website

All the content on our website is created by Nektony, all the tips and tutorials are based on questions we get from our users. We respect copyrights and protect our content with DMCA.

TOP best Mac cleanup apps

Some of the apps are featured in Top list of best Mac cleanup software by authoritative resources, such as

Apple notarization

All the applications of Nektony are notarized by Apple and proved, as being safe and free from malware.

Are Nektony’s apps safe?

Here are some additional facts which prove the safety of Nektony’s apps

Regular updates

We regularly optimize the apps for the latest macOS updates, check carefully how correctly it works on new system versions.
You can check the revision history of our apps.

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Confirmation before removal for your files’ safety

Our applications always display a confirmation window before the removal of any selected file. It is important to protect you from accidental removal of important files.

Additionally, App Cleaner & Uninstaller and Duplicate File Finder provide the removal history and allow the users to restore accidentally deleted items from the Trash.

Positive reviews from the users

There are many positive reviews about our apps you can find on review websites, such as App Store, or


macupdate stars

Apr 22, 2021

The apps do what they say and have a great UI. They do no magic – but are a real time safer. Customer support responded very quickly and fairly. I lost my license key when moving to a new mac and they gave me a one for a newer version because I purchased the older one not that long before its release.

Theo Maksor

trustpilot stars

Aug 1, 2022

One of my best apps ever !
With an huge number of apps competing for one’s computer space it is not always easy to make a good choice. But with the Mac Cleaner Pro 2 I can 100% state I made a good choice. The app just works so incredible good , it is worth every penny. Nektony the developer is very conscious about regular updates as well. The cleaning processes are easy to initiate thanks to the clean interface. I use a Mac Pro 2013 model and the Cleaner app definitely keeps the Mac running faster. Fully recommended !!

appstore stars

Oct 6, 2020

I’ve tried dozens of dupe finders. this app allows the most comprehensive configurations of any! I’ve tried dozens of dupe finders. none allow the amount of contol you have on which dupes get deleted and which ones you keep as this app. For scanning folders with a lot of files/potential duplacates, you may need to upgrade to the Pro version. It is worth it! I removed almost 1TB of audio files from iTunes over the last 10 years. There was a period of time when I tunes would add the track number automatically to the beginning of the tracks name, regardless of whether it already had the track number there or not, which caused my the majority of my music library to duplicate those songs. My 200GB iTunes Liubrary would be 325GB-350GB overnight. Then it would happen again to where at one point, I had five copies of a bunch of songs with the track number listed five times in a row at the begining of the track name. Then others four times, then three times, and so on. As you could imagine, my very large, cherished music collection was completely trashed! This app is the first dupe finder that would actually marrk songs as duplicates even though the track number prefix varied from no prefix to having the rack number applied 5 times in a row before the track name. This was the first app to group those songs together when searching for duplicates.

trustpilot stars

Jul 24, 2022

Very clear and easy to use
Very clear and easy to use. Particularly useful for the less experienced who want an easy way to deal with unwanted files.


Free technical support

We provide free technical support for all the users, both free and Pro versions of the apps. We respond within one business day and we are always happy to assist you.

Respect of users’ privacy

We do not collect any personal data from our users. Our Privacy Policy is open for everyone who wants to make sure of his privacy safety before downloading our apps. The data protection rights of the residents of EEA is under the GDPR. Due to additional requirements for VPN applications, our VPN Client app has its own Privacy Policy.

At Nektony we respect each user for both free and paid versions of our apps. Nothing is more important for us than the trusted relationships with you.

privicy policy by Nektony

Recognition by world prestigious awards

Nektony is a leading software developer that makes awesome apps. Our applications have consistently received recognition from world-renowned awards. In 2023, we got the Red Dot Award for Design
& Communication, which is a big deal in the app world. We won it for our amazing product, App Cleaner & Uninstaller, which helps you get rid of unwanted apps and files.

red dot

About Us

We at Nektony are experts in all questions about cleaning and optimizing the macOS system


We’ve been working for 10+ years in developing cleanup disk utilities for a Mac and we are one of the first companies to provide a special uninstaller for a Mac.


We have a thorough understanding of the file system of macOS. Our specialists are Apple Certified Support Professionals (ACSP).

Our goal

We create apps to always keep your Mac clean and keep it working smoothly.

More about Nektony

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