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    App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a special utility to uninstall applications completely with its service files (caches, logs, diagnostic reports, libraries, etc.) and easily operate app’s extensions.

    Release date: 17 Jun 2020

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Brilliant! Fast, easy to use and I wish I’d had it years ago. The uninstaller element deletes all the files, prefs, caches, etc, associated with an application, with one click.

I had to find some annoying left-overs lodged in my Login Items. After searching through every conceivable folder and doing searches with EasyFinder and Funter I learned of App Cleaner (on Apple’s App Store). Ran once and it found all manner of junk including the files I’d been wanting to delete. The free version will only ‘find’ them. The paid for version, at an incredibly good value £4. / $4, will also delete them. Out went stuff that came across from System 9 and Rhapsody and many others from the first decade of this century.


First of all, I’m mad because I just paid $39 for this app and here it is for $10. Grrr! However, I’m glad I found this place for future purchases, so I’m mad and glad at the same time. Secondly, some of you have decided reviews for this product are all paid because they are first time reviews. I’m going to accurately describe how this app works, so it doesn’t matter if I’m paid or not. The fact is, I bought this directly from the Nektony website and wrote back to them saying how happy I was with it. They replied and asked me to leave my review here. Maybe that’s why you have so many first time reviewers for this product. I just upgraded to Catalina and had a bunch of apps that no longer worked. I know how to manually delete apps, but just my scanner software took me over two hours to delete, and that method doesn’t get some little sneaky files they hide here and there. I’ve read reviews about other cleaners and uninstallers where you push a button, stuff gets deleted, and then you find out programs don’t work or all your music is gone. This app is great because you see every file before you delete it. When deleting apps, it shows you a list of apps in the left panel. Click on an app in the left panel and it shows you all the files and their paths in the right panel, already checked for deletion. You can uncheck any file you think you need to keep, or just hit the Remove button and it’s done. Deleting files with duplicate names is brilliant. The file name appears once in the left panel, and it and all the duplicates appear in the right panel along with their paths. You decide which one to delete. It will NOT let you delete all of them. It forces you to leave at least one copy, so you can’t screw up. If two files have the same name but are not the same file, it says “Not Duplicates” and doesn’t allow you to delete. There’s other operations, all designed for safety of your data. For the past year or more, every time I turn on my laptop, this popup says so and so wants to have control: Y/N. I finally found that stinking file with this app and got rid of it! I also got rid of some bad browser add-ons I didn’t even know I had. For $10, this is a steal. Get it.

Great app!! And the help desk is awesome!! Highly recommended. It is worth every penny.


by Nickname taken? I’m logged in (USA flag– US)
I wanted an app to help uninstall an application that installed stuff in more than just the applications folder. This app seems to have captured the extraneous stuff and deleted it. The interface was reasonably easy to follow and it has a feature for finding remnants of installations installed prior to this app and deleting those. It also has an “extensions” tab for finding the compressed application install files (the thing one originally would open up after downloading an app to install but this file in and of itself doesn’t always self-delete after an app installs), it will find iOS installation files which are useful if one installs apps from OSX to iOS device but if one doesn’t do this at all this app finds these and can remove these, it will find screensavers again if not used can be removed, and it has a launch agents and login items tabs, however, I do not know what these files are and thus if I would be safe to remove them. In short, it seems to be excellent at doing a more complete uninstall than you otherwise might achieve just by simply moving an app from the Applications folder to the trash. I give it 5 stars for doing what it says well, and because it appears the developer is maintaining his apps. I highly recommend immediately going to the Pro upgrade. The developer has a number of other apps including a duplicates finder, a sensible website, and as far as I can tell now though this could change, seems to be actively curating and updating their app collections.


by jjgi11 (Switzerland flag– Switzerland)
This app is really helpful. It’s not intrusive and does the job with full satisfaction.


by ika (USA flag– US)
Extremely happy with the results – a thorough understanding of all parts of Mac application infrastructure and intelligent scanner allow this utility to do a superb job at cleaning out unwanted applications, without leaving a trace – freeing up a ton of space and keeping things tidy. I have tried many other similar utilities and am definitely very impressed with this one.


by Wizard06 (USA flag– US)
I looked around and found this app in the app store. After trying out to remove another software, this app found traces from previous software installed on Mac and removed all of them. I wanted to get the full version, purchased the Pro version and handy tool to have. You don’t have to take my words for it, try it out for yourself.

Ben10Nise (Indonesia flag– Indonesia)
A must have application for MacBook, worth for every cent of money, could show all hidden installed within an application and let me decided to remove or keep it

by Nicko1982 (Australia flag– Australia)
Best way to keep your Mac clean from leftover files of unwanted apps.


by Crayfisk (Sweden flag– Sweden)
Very satisfied. Clear, simple interface that informs you quite clearly of what it is going to delete (e.g. files associated with the application you plan to delete). Responsive.


by Peter (Australia flag– Australia)
The default method of removing unwanted apps simply does not work. It seems to leave quite a lot of “bits and bobs” from the original app install. App Cleaner and Uninstaller seems to remove all of this left-over dross. I don’t think you can ever be 100% sure that everything has been removed but I’m sure looks like it. Well worth the cost for the ease of removing apps. UPDATE (1 June 2017): Still using this app; it’s really useful. Regards, Peter


by DomerNospmis (Canada flag– Canada)
If you like to keep your Mac clean and free of junk files left over by apps you uninstalled, you need this app. Period. Not sure about the negative reviews. I have been using App Cleaner for over 2 years now. Never crashed even once.


by Ernesto554 (Austria flag– Austria)
Honestly, I hate junk files. This app is essential for those dependent on spotlight searches that will bring back more relevant results, as well as those who need to clear up memory for additional applications. Thanks.


by Whispers456 (USA flag– US)
Easy to use, nice interface and it certainly does seem to clean up everything on my Mac. Nice work!


by Travdrummer (Australia flag– Australia)
Securely removing unwanted apps and files doesn’t have to be complicated. With it’s super easy to use interface, remove files with confidence.


by FrankTSays (USA flag– US)
I’ve managed Macs, uninstalled applications manually through the command line searching, Unix find/grep/sed/awk style, tried pretty much every utility that “uninstalls” Mac applications and this is the best I have found, hands down. I’ve done direct comparisons and it’s found files and folders that my other go-tos have not. Not only does it uninstall applications and all their associated files, it goes a step beyond and gives you the option to manage your startup items (not the simple login items menu listing in system preferences) and system extensions. These parts are huge as these actually affect how your Mac runs, speed and stability wise. Unfortunately, they’re also the most mysterious to manage and change continuously with each version of OS X. One last thing I’ll say that the support is top notch. I experienced an issue and received a personalized response from their support in about 4 hours that completely resolved my issue. Not only did it resolve my issue, but it went above and beyond to explain the technical details of the issue (as a techie, I appreciate this) and also did something for me personally to make sure I could continue accomplishing my goal. I do not post reviews often, but I did not expect this level quality and the amazing support. Nektony truly did impress me. People, it’s worth the friggin 4 bucks for the Pro version too. I’m not sure why some people scoff at spending a few dollars for an app that will affect them in a positive way every day but they have no problem at buying a 7 dollar coffee. Trust me, this app is worth it.


by alorpha (Greece flag– Greece)
Fast. Clean. Simple.


by Master Control Program Tron (USA flag– US)

This is a must-have for all users. It is the Add / Remove programs that Mac OS does not have. Yes, there is a way to drag an icon and uninstall an app without this. However, while that works most of the time, it does not work all of the time, and it does not get everything an app leaves behind. This gets it all and keeps your MAC OS in new shape.


by glc54 (USA flag– US)

Very impressed. It likely saved me at least an hour or so of fumbling around. Quick and clean uninstall tool!


by Rampe ja Naukkis (finland– Finland)

In Mac, you don’t have to look after system but this does the job for you and is a lifesaver when in rare cases you got malware app to Mac. Ultra-fast response for me when I needed help is also a big plus.


by James (USA flag– US)

I have been using App Cleaner & Uninstaller for years and thought it was time to support the programmer. AC&U mainly sits in the background waiting for you to delete an application then less than a second after you delete the application, a dialog box opens with all the supporting files, any other occurrence of the application and even the .dmg or.zip downloaded file which that Application used. You can remove everything or select anything you want to keep. It is simple, reliable and just works well.


by Alberto (Canada flag– Canada)

I just got it, upgraded immediately to the Pro version; used it once to remove an app and it did the job very well, with plenty of warnings to make sure that you’re indeed deleting the intended app and not something else. That’s my first impression, so time will tell if the 5-star rating will be sustained. But so far so good.


by Kaiser Bruno (USA flag– US)

I had tried and tried in total frustrated vain to get rid of a printer extension that was clogging my internet and compromising the use of my other apps. I had downloaded several apps that claimed to be able to do that. either they did not or they presented the information in such a complex fashion that another program would be needed to find the search target if the app even had it. Not App Cleaner and Uninstaller. For significantly less than many of the others, it not only found and deleted the offending extension, but a few others that I’d long since given up on finding too. Three cheers! It works and the information is presented clearly, well organized and easy to follow. Really great tool, long needed.100% and more satisfied.


by Jennyciao (Canada flag– Canada)

I was unable to find the component files of an application I had uninstalled a year ago, which was currently causing me problems with my camera and microphone. This App Cleaner located the component files, which were named after the company that had designed the application, and not the application itself. I was able to cleanly uninstall the application from my computer. Thank you.


by Thebusy (USA flag– US)

I had problems with installing a new version of Norton since an old version of Antivirus and an old version of Endpoint kept eachother from uninsalling completely which was making my new insall unsuccessful. I threw $5 at this app and while it wasn’t able to unisntall everything automatically (I wasn’t expecting it was going to with it being anti virus software) it did isolate the remaining locked elements and listed where they were all located so I could trash/delete them manually. After a few munites of click find trash and repeat, my new norton was able to install and all is working again. Worked better than the Norton uninstall. Great app.

by Goodappsgoodlifel (Australia flag– Australia)
I was looking of a reliable un-installer to get rid of old Sony camera software. When looking online, there wasn’t a single app that was universally recommended and reviewed. To my surprise, I found this app on the Mac App Store and it was the highest/most reviewed un-installer I came across. The download was clean and uninstalling apps is smooth. Worth the purchase for the seemingly well-supported app.


by 2Corinthians521 (USA flag– US)

I had a persistent problem with a third-party app that was migrated over from my MacBook Pro to a new iMac by Migration Assistant. Since this was the first time I used Migration Assistant I did not know that it would have been best to uninstall third-party apps and reinstall them after running Migration Assistant since they do not always migrate over cleanly (all the Apple apps did). One app simply would not recognize the machine name of the new iMac and identified it by the machine name of the MacBook Pro, despite the fact that the iMac had never been named by the same name since I had to create a temporary admin account to update the iMac to High Sierra 10.13.5 before running Migration Assistant, meaning that the name of the machine was the name of that temporary admin user, not my username. After everything got migrated over and the app identified the machine by the name of the MacBook Pro, I knew that it had to be stored in some type of configuration or cache file that got transferred over during the migration. The support personnel for the third-party app was unable to figure out why the app was behaving improperly. I manually deleted all the files they indicated were associated with their app, uninstalled it, and reinstalled it but the problem persisted. They recommended purchasing an uninstaller app to fully remove every artifact associated with their app. After doing some research and reading a multitude of reviews I chose App Cleaner & Uninstaller since it seemed to be the best available. I immediately upgraded it to Pro after installing it and used it to uninstall the problematic third-party app. It identified numerous additional artifacts and successfully removed all of them. I emptied the Trash, rebooted, reinstalled the app and it worked perfectly! I am supremely satisfied with this app and consider the $4.99 I spent on it to have already been recouped many times over. It was a breeze to use and I only wish I had given up trying to manually resolve the problem and purchased it days ago so I would not have wasted so many hours on this problem that App Cleaner & Uninstaller solved in 30 seconds. I highly recommend this app and will be using it from this point forward every time I do an uninstall. I also plan to use it to check for remnants from other apps which have previously been uninstalled since it did such a thorough job on the problematic one.


by sbvd (USA flag– US)

App Cleaner has been my #1 application removal tool for the past couple years. It’s stable and does 95% of the job. I first use CleanApp, then App Cleaner to remove an application completely as each catches different support files/libraries/plists/.sfls, etc. I find that the Remains tab is particularly useful. Recommended.

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