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  • App Cleaner – freeware utility to uninstall applications and delete its service files: caches, logs, diagnostic reports, libraries, etc.

  • Release date: December 16


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What our Users Say

  • Solid performance – pcwow- Jun 29, 2016

    We are an IT Service Provider and some of our customers are Mac users, therefore we were looking for a solution capable of handling the task of completely eliminating unwanted software from OS X. The testings we reformed did show a outstanding results wit this app! From now on this our go to app for dirty jobs!;)

    Great – Tarekisawesome- May 25, 2016

    It cleaned 4 GB from 3 folders only! This is awesome!!! Highly recommended app for all mac users.

    Nice App! – DoTunAnh- Mar 17, 2016

    App works very smoothly, it helped me identify and application it is easy, thanks to the application developer, try to develop more gadgets on application.

    Handy for removing unwanted apps – JJ Clocks – Jan 23, 2016

    Great app and fast working. Only weakness that I see is that it often isn’t able to remove all files (i.e. program file in Applications folder). But, it does allow you to connect to those folders to remove the files manually.

    Got Rid of Google Updater – Gochugogi – Jan 2, 2016

    My Mini i7 was overheating with fans spinning during photo and video editing. It got hot even during system sleep! I checked and found Google Updater was literally “calling home” thousands of times per minute. As a scrolled throug system activities it was obvious Google’s spyware had run amuck and was bogging down my Mac something terrible. I tried terminal commands in an attempt to nix Google Update but to no avail: Google updates it’s code automatically, keeping one step ahead of everybody. So the terminal command that worked last week no longer did a thing… Enter AppCleaner. A couple clicks and Google Updater was gone for good, nixing 300MB of spyware!

    Easy to use and does the job well – N Komel – Dec 2, 2015

    Application interface shows all the applications in your application folder where you can select which application you want to remove. App Cleaner X provides you with a convenient way to open to the application for which you wish to remove. It is easy to use and does the job well on my Mac Mini OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    Awesome Utility app – Domnic Torrato – Aug 25, 2015

    This is a simple and small cuty makes my MacBook Cleaner. The interface is very easy to use and very effective against unwanted processes consuming our expensive resources. Hope to more updates on the app. Thanks.

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