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Memory Cleaner X

Memory Cleaning Monitoring Application

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Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later

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    • Monitor memory usage by apps
    • Cleanup memory in one click
    • Fast and soft cleanup process
    • Automatic cleanup mode
  • Memory Cleaner X allows you to clear inactive RAM automatically or manually and provides you with the following useful information:

    • Memory used by the system
    • Memory used by applications and processes
    • Amount of available memory
    • Date and size of latest memory release
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  • Preferences:

    • Launch Memory Cleaner X at system startup
    • Various title in menubar
    • Option to cleanup memory if large app quits
    • Option to cleanup memory automatically
    • Set up cleaning frequency

Memory Cleaner X

Memory Cleaning & Monitoring Application

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Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later

  • Gary  star-review

    Bought this based on its reviews and I needed to clean up some space, it did exactly what it claims. My Mac runs faster and smoother. Good app.
  • Ctyrider  star-review

    The app helps to free up memory without rebooting macbook. I like the possibility to free memory up whenever I want. Thanks!
  • Lora  star-review

    This little devil is like steroids for your mac! In a second, it can boost stability and allocate enough memory to run everything you got with speed and relialability. Big fan!

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