Our expertise

Since 2011, we have been developing efficient software for macOS, iOS and iPadOS which helps the users to speed up and clean their systems, as well as protect their private data.

Our Values

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Expertise and Quality

  • We’ve been developing disk cleanup utilities for Macs since 2011.
  • We have a thorough understanding of the file system on macOS.
  • Over the years, we have been helping our users to fix a slow Mac, clean up the full hard drive, get rid of junk files, and maintain Mac performance to keep it always running like a new one.
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We value

Privacy, Security and Safety

  • Nektony meets the security and data protection policy for developed software, providing safe applications.
  • All Nektony’s applications are notarized by Apple and proven to be free from malware.
  • We also respect copyright and protect our content with DMCA.
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We provide

Guarantees and Support

  • Long-term relationships with our users are important to us. We regularly update our applications, optimize them for the latest macOS/iOS systems, and improve according to users’ wishes and needs.
  • We provide highly professional support for all our users, both for free and paid applications.
  • We guarantee a response within one business day, but we answer the user’s questions within 2 hours in most cases.
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Our products

We create software applications for macOS, iOS, and Android platforms.
We use modern technologies to create innovative apps that utilize the maximum of computer technologies.

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Mac cleanup utilities

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iOS/iPadOS cleanup utilities

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Visio Viewers for Mac

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VPN for data protection

Our applications are notarized by Apple. Thanks to the Apple Notarization system all our customers are sure our applications developed correctly and are safe to use.

Our Team

Our team of professionals specializes in creating software for the Apple ecosystem. We provide quality work at all stages of application creation and their maintenance – development, quality assurance and technical support.Our specialists are Apple Certified Support Professionals (ACSP). We know everything from upgrading, updating, reinstalling, and configuring macOS systems to configuring network services.

Arina Lienkova

Arina Lienkova
PR manager and tech writer

Vladimir Nuzhdin

Vladimir Nuzhdin
Senior software developer

Vladyslav Zubkov

Vladyslav Zubkov
Senior software developer

Sasha Holovchenko

Alex Holovchenko
Software Quality engineer

The majority of Nektony team are Ukrainians. Today, when Russia is attacking our country, you can support us by donating to Ukraine’s Forced Army.
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