VSDX Annotator

VSDX Annotator is an app to View, Edit and Convert Visio® Files on Mac. The Visio® viewer renders all drawings` content with formatting details and as a result, shows the flowcharts and diagrams exactly the same way as they are displayed by MS Visio®.

VSDX Annotator supports Microsoft Visio® VSD, VDX and VSDX file formats. It shows the drawings exactly the same way as they are displayed in Visio®. It allows to open Visio® files and preview complex technical drawings with layers, shape data and hyperlinks.

  • View Visio® 2000-2013 files in VSD, VDX and VSDX formats. You can see multipage drawings with advanced rendering of all a Visio® file`s content and accurate display of:
      • – rich objects formatting
      • – metafile images
      • – OLE-objects
      • – tabulated texts
      • – background pages
      • – links
  • View the layers and switch a document’s layers visibility. You can even show hidden layers.
  • Explore Shape Data, Hyperlinks, and  Guides.
  • Navigate multipage Visio® documents. For convenience, you can choose scrolling and zoom tools. You can also zoom the document to page size or page width.

To open a Visio® on Mac:

    1. Click “Open” tab on the Startup Window.
    2. Choose the drawing from your Mac folders.

*The second time you can open the file from “Recent” tab, where already viewed files are stored. There is also a search option to find a file in a store of viewed Visio® files.

vsdx_annotator_preview_visio_files_on_mac copy

Preview tools to view Visio® files on Mac


– Hide Page Thumbnails
– Select Active Page
– Zoom In
– Set Visible Layers
– Zoom Out
– Show Shape Data
– Zoom to Page Size
– Show Hyperlinks
– Zoom to Page Width
– Show Guides
– Edit Custom Zoom
– Show Annotations
– Hand Scroll Mode

Set the Layers for view

visio layers
visio layers

 Shape Data to view detailed information of graphic objects


Hyperlinks icon  to view the graphic objects` links

visio hyperlinks

visio hyperlinks

Guides icon to see the guides on the Visio® drawing page

visio guides
visio guides