Funter in Finder


Free application to operate hidden files and folders on Mac

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for macOS 10.10-10.15

Use Funter to show hidden files, switch hidden files visibility in Finder,
hide files, copy, move or remove them.


  • Show hidden files in two clicks
  • Search hidden files in the system folders and packages
  • Hide/unhide your files to be visible in Finder

Show Hidden Files

Show Hidden Files in 2 Clicks

Show Hidden Files in 2 Clicks
  • Switch hidden files visibility
  • Easily access from the system menu bar
  • Integrate the option to Finder
  • Get the same hidden files state even after Finder relaunch.

Search in Hidden Folders

Funter provides a Search feature to find hidden files and folders – the thing Spotlight doesn’t do.

Search hidden files demonstration
  • Choose any disk or folder for search
  • Show all/hidden/unhidden files in results
  • Search files in bundles and packages
  • Reveal files in Finder
  • Built-in files preview
  • Copy, move or delete files

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Hide Files On Mac just in Finder

The app integrates to Finder and adds own command to the context menu. Now you can change file hidden attribute just from Finder.

Simply right-click on any file or folder and find the Hide/Unhide option in a shortcut menu

Hide Files On Mac just in Finder

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Clean up your Mac using Funter

Funter has a built-in smart option which allows you to clean inactive RAM and speed up your Mac.

Also, the app shows the system usage on your Mac and provides a brief data about:

  1. How much RAM memory is used.
  2. How much disk space is filled up by junk files, duplicate files, large and old files and unused apps.

Just Click the Review & Cleanup button to learn more about your “space eaters”.

Hide Files On Mac just in Finder

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac – Video Guide

Note. Funter is not a replacement for system Spotlight search technology.

Multiple Languages Support

Additional Information
  • Application Category – Utilities
  • Operating System – OS X 10.10 or later
  • Processor Requirements – 64-bit processor
  • Performance Language – English,French,German, Spanish, Russian
  • Belongs to – MacCleaner PRO
  • File Size – 15.9 MB
  • Price – Free, 0.00 USD

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