Funter vs. Spotlight

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October 2, 2023
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In this article, we explain how Funter’s search differs from Spotlight’s search and how to find hidden files on Mac.

Funter and spotlight icons


  1. What is a Spotlight search?
  2. What is Funter?
  3. How to find hidden files on Mac with Funter?

What is a Spotlight search?

Spotlight is a great search utility created by Apple for Mac. It builds an index from the contents of your disk, so you can find any file by typing its name or keywords in a Spotlight search field.
what is spotlight search

The search results will be displayed as you type.

Spotlight search

Spotlight is a super-convenient tool, as it searches even emails and browser Bookmarks.

What is Funter?

Funter is a free application to find hidden files on Mac, show hidden files and hide files. Unlike Spotlight, Funter searches for files by filename. What makes Funter a great utility is that it searches for files in all folders, including starting folders, subfolders, and even hidden folders.
Finder showing hidden items

Spotlight doesn’t search for hidden system files and doesn’t search in bundles or packages. Funter does.
spotlight window
Funter is not a replacement for Spotlight. It is designed specifically to find hidden files. It allows operating on invisible files and folders, so you can move, copy or remove unneeded space-eaters.

  • If you need to search for regular files and folders – use Spotlight.
  • If you need to look for hidden files and folders – use Funter search.

How to find hidden files on Mac with Funter?

  1. Launch Funter.
  2. Type your query in the apps’ search field.funter search field
  3. Get the results of all files on your Mac, including hidden files and files in packages.

funter windows showing the hidden files results

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