Show Hidden Files is an app to find any file on Mac no matter if it`s hidden or not

There are Spotlight menu and the Finder search to find files on Mac. However, both of them don`t show hidden files and operating system folders. If you’re an advanced Mac OS X user and need to view your hidden system files, Show Hidden Files app is here for you.

  • Show Hidden Files application is a great tool for Mac users to search folders and files including hidden ones.

    It makes the hidden files searching process as quick and easy as possible. It allows to delete hidden files and any useless data by just one click.

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Find hidden and regular files

Find hidden files and folders
Find package contens
Operate hidden files
One click to search
Navigate hidden files
Easy and simple to use

View any hidden and system files, that Spotlight never finds.
Search for hidden files in one click with Show Hidden Files app.

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    Additional Information
    • Application Category – Utilities
    • Operating System – OS X 10.10 or later
    • Processor Requirements – 64-bit processor
    • Performance Language – English
    • File Size – 1.6 MB
    • Price – Free, 0.00

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Our users voices

  • Awesome app! It finds all hidden files and even those, which are in pakages! What I like most is that you can start searching in one click.

    James   review-star

  • Show Hidden Files is the simplest way to find hidden files. No more I need to use all these terrible commands in Terminal. Now it is much easier!

    Oliver   review-star