FAQ – Disk Expert

What is the Disk Expert app?

Disk Expert is a disk space scanning, reporting and processing utility for macOS. Disk Expert scans the volumes of your hard drive. It discovers the bulkiest content and generates a list of the largest files on the scanned volume. You can then the 25 largest files by collecting them in a special list from which you can copy or move them to other drives or even to the Trash.

What operating systems does Disk Expert run on?

Disk Expert is compatible with macOS 10.10. and later.

I want to switch to Finder for a folder in Sun-Burst Diagram, is it possible?

You can use the “Reveal in Finder” command in the context menu, the ⌘+O shortcut or press the ⌘ key and click on a folder.

How can I get a file or folder path?

Use the“Copy Path” or “Open in Finder” command in the context menu.

Can Disk Expert scan my Dropbox folder?

Yes, you can scan your Dropbox folder and any other folder on your Mac.

Is it possible to search for FileVault folders?

Yes, Disk Expert delivers you the possibility to scan File Vault folders.

Is it possible to get detail information about an item?

Use the “Get Information” command in the context menu or use the ⌘+I key shortcut.

Can Disk Expert be used on SDD on the new MacBook Air?

Yes, it can. At the moment, the Disk Expert supports HDD volumes, CD and DVD discs, removable USB drives, mounted DMG images and even folders with FileVault protection.

I use the Finder “Get Information” command but the folder size is not the same as Disk Expert displays. Why?

Usually, Finder simplifies counting size for folders, especially for empty folders. Disk Expert counts that folders size. There are some other minor differences in counting folder size.

On my computer, there are hidden files that can’t be revealed in Finder. Will DiskExpert help me?

Disk Expert does not display hidden and system files as they prohibited from moving or deleting. Otherwise, you might damage your system. So Disk Expert’s job just shows you the “sector” for hidden and system items on a particular level. If you are sure you want to handle those files you can use Funter to show hidden files and operate them.

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