FAQ – Disk Inspector

01. What is the purpose of Nektony Disk Inspector?

Nektony Disk Space Inspector is a Mac OS X utility that is used for hard drive space usage reporting and monitoring. Keeping disk space content in the order, you will save money on hardware upgrade. Disk Inspector helps you identify the biggest space eaters on your hard disk easily, using the colorful visual representation of your hard drive.

02. What is the difference between Disk Expert and Disk Inspector?

Disk Expert can do more than just supply you with detailed and accurate information you need to better understand and manage the contents of your hard drive. It provides you with a set of tools, enabling you to analyze and manage the disk space content.

03. What operating systems does Disk Inspector run on?

Disk Inspector is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6. and later.

04. I want to switch to Finder for a folder in Sun-Burst Diagram, is it possible?

Option-click on a folder section and Use “Open in Finder” context command (⌘O).

05. Is it possible to get detail information about item?

Use “Get Information” context command.

06. How can I get file or folder path?

Use “Copy Path” context command or “Open in Finder” command and copy file.

07. I have a 250GB drive that only has 8 GB free. When I add up everything on the innermost ring, it only shows 32GB. Will your software help me find the other stuff that is taking space?

It looks like the majority of disk space is occupied by content, stored by another user on your computer and even administrator is enabling to access his stuff. Make disk scan as another user.

08. Does Disk Inspector shows hidden content?

No, Disk Inspector does not show hidden content. But our newer disk cleanup utility Disk Expert shows them as well as top-25 biggest files for a folder.

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