How to watch BBC with a VPN anywhere

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March 26, 2022
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Modern technology gives us an opportunity to watch breaking news, important events, sports competitions, favorite TV shows and other videos on our gadgets with an Internet connection everywhere.
BBC is one of the leading streaming channels in the UK. It produces content that is interesting for kids and adults. So, from morning till night, you can find a video for entertaining. Unfortunately, the situation changes if you are outside the UK for business or vacation, as some BBC content is unavailable abroad. In this post, we are going to share a guide on how to watch BBC, regardless of location.

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BBC Live Stream

While the articles on the BBC website are available for everyone across the globe, live stream is available to UK residents only. The BBC uses GeoIP, which helps to regulate where the ads should be visible and where they should not. At the same time, GeoIP defines whether your IP address belongs to the UK or not. In addition, since September 2016 you must own a TV License to stream BBC TV channels. For this reason, it is important to be in the UK to get access to the BBC live stream.

BBC iPlayer Abroad

You can use the BBC website when you are outside the UK. BBC has international versions of the BBC Homepage, BBC News, and BBC Sport. You may notice that advertisements and content may be more specific, depending on your current region. The BBC iPlayer is unavailable outside the UK, as well as CBBC and CBeebies. But you can still use BBC podcasts and BBC iPlayer Radio while abroad.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad?

There are two ways to watch BBC iPlayer abroad:

  1. Download a program on BBC iPlayer in the UK before your overseas trip. You can save programs on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Besides, the videos would be available offline as well.  bbc iplayer usa
  2. Use a VPN application to change your real IP address on your device to get access to the BBC iPlayer service. In this case, the videos will not take up space on your device. You can watch BBC live stream with a VPN freely.

BBC iPlayer VPN Lifehack

If you want to watch the BBC online outside the UK, you should try using a VPN service. The VPN is a technology which changes your real IP address to the IP address of a certain location. Thus you can access the streaming servers in different countries.

For instance, let’s say that you are in The USA. When you launch the VPN on your device, it establishes a connection between you and a VPN server in a particular location, let’s say it is in the UK. As a result, your real American IP address changes to the virtual British IP address. Consequently, you can watch BBC streaming with a VPN anywhere.

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Another key point is that the VPN protects your data. The VPN service uses different types of security protocols to provide the connection between your device and the Internet. It also uses an encryption technology, which makes all your transmitted data unclear for third parties.

How to Use VPN for BBC iPlayer?

To clarify the ease of using a VPN, we want to show you how to run BBC iPlayer in the USA. Our current choice is the VPN Client application for Mac. It has a 256-bit key encryption, the highest grade according to Advanced Encryption Standards presently. VPN Client also uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 security protocols, which ensure a high-speed and stable Internet connection. It provides servers in 60 locations worldwide, including the UK servers.

The interface of the VPN Client application is simple. To establish a connection with the server in the UK, complete two simple steps:

  1. Launch the VPN Client application.
  2. Select the UK location from the server list on the right, or select a location on the interactive map and click on the Connect button. In a few seconds, your real IP address will be changed to the UK IP address.
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Moreover, the VPN Client has an allotted streaming server in Hampshire, which makes your access to the BBC iPlayer abroad possible and convenient.


With the BBC website, we learn something new everyday, read the BBC News, or entertain a child with the CBeebies. We can, have rest with BBC iPlayer or listen to the BBC Radio on the go. If you want to watch BBC online abroad, use a VPN. If you’d like to support our choice, try the VPN Client for your next trip abroad. You can use a free 7-day trial or purchase VPN Client ($3.99 per week or $8.99 per month) for boundless access to BBC services outside the UK.

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