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Must-Have Mac Cleanup Utilities

Inspect every bit of your content with our cleanup tools. Easily find out biggest files and folders, remove old caches, logs, language resources and many more.

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    Disk Expert

    Perfect tool for a profound disk cleanup. Scans all content, even hidden and system folders.

  • disk-inspector2x

    Disk Inspector

    Glance over disk drives, quickly identify biggest files & folders and delete them.

  • clear-disk2x


    Cleanup your Mac startup disk in minutes. Remove unneeded applications’ stuff.

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    Scan Hidden Content

    Turn on Disk Expert. This supertool gives you all the information about any folder on your drive including hidden files and folders.

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    Find the Biggest Items

    Quickly scan your HD with Disk Inspector and easily find files and folders that take up most of your precious space.

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    Remove Caches & Logs

    It is recommended to delete caches & logs once per a month as they become needless. Launch ClearDisk to renew your caches.

Visio Viewers Line

Open and preview Microsoft Visio (.vsd, .vdx, .vsdx) drawings on 3 non-Windows platforms: Mac, iOS, Android. One-to-one rendering of complex elements, switching of layers and shape data, etc.

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    Basic Rendering

    Viewers process drawings with various basic attributes and styles: colors, fonts, spacing, width, height, etc.

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    Specific Images

    Windows-Enhanced Metafiles, AutoCad images, BitMaps – we render all kinds of such elements.

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    Layers Switching

    If your image has multiple layers, you can simply switch them on/off, print and convert in resulted output.

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    Shape Data

    Almost the same as layers. Tap on single button and access contents hidden in shape data sets.

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