disk expert - erase space on mac drive

Disk Expert

The Most Advanced Disk Space Analyzer


keep macintosh hd well-organized

Disk Expert is a powerful disk space scanning, reporting and processing utility for Mac OS X. It scans any hard drives and even hidden system files.


Disk Expert scans your Hard Drive and visually displays the disk space usage as sunburst diagram, discovers the bulkiest content and generates the list of biggest files and folders found in a folder.

explore your hd content
  • User friendly interface
  • Scans internal and external drives
  • High scanning speed
  • Display results during the scanning process
  • Clear visual report on disk usage
  • Report on biggest files
  • Selective scanning
  • List of biggest files
  • Display of hidden files

measure any items size

Easy view of free disk space on your drive

Using Disk Expert to look through your files and folders, you will get information on how much space they take up. The scanning process takes about a few minutes, depending on your disk size. Animated navigation through folders helps you visually access the disk space usage.

Find Files and Folders That Take Up Space

The list of the 25 biggest files automatically generated for every folder will help you to evaluate which documents you need or want to keep, which files you no longer need at all, and which files you need to keep but don't open frequently.



Get Rid of Stuff You Don't Need

The process of choosing files to remove from your hard drive is not a problem with Disk Expert. Disk Expert displays the latest date of the file usage. Files are highlighted with colors, depending on when they were last opened, this will help you to quickly identify those files that you rarely use.

Maintain Your HD Clean and Organized

You do not need to run a general cleaning on your Mac every time you need to install a new application or download your vacation photos to keep your drive in a good shape. Disk Expert allows you scan custom folders, also you can mark favorite folders that need frequent scan.




Very Good!

This Application is screamingly fast and very easy to clear out the dead wood, and it has the best interface I have ever seen. Highly recommend!

Disk Utility App to Have

Wow! I don't know what to say except that if you need something to find EVERYTHING that is just eating up your drive without a hitch in just a minute use DE.

I Love this Program

Use it all the time to rid of useless temp files taking up space in super secret HD locations. Worth the money and the interface is uniquely gorgeous.