inspect mac hard drive contents

Disk Inspector

Identify Files & Folders that Take up Space


Disk Inspector is a Mac OS X utility that is addressed those who want to keep track of what, where and how large files are stored in his mac disk.


Disk Inspector scans the entire hard drive including external hard disks and represents your disk image as sunburst diagram.



  • Manage photo collections
  • Organize video and music collection
  • Keep storage free of unused files
  • Organize data you need rarely
  • Prepare for backup or files remove
  • Navigate easily through folders hierarchy


Perform Disk Check Up

Disk Inspector is a great tool for a quick disk usage review. After scanning your files and folders will be represented as a set of sectors and subsectors on a round diagram. Size of sectors calculated respectively to total drive's size. Thus you can easily identify content wasters for further file management.

Find Biggest Files and Folders

Every folder could be navigated the same manner as a drive's root. This approach without any additional efforts gives you you clues to biggest files and folders. After spotting a "space waster" click the right button to inspect it.



Scan Various HD Types

Disk Inspector is able to scan various hard drive types: HDD volumes, CD and DVD discs, all types of removable flash drives (USB, MS), mounted DMGs and even SMB disk images. In order to scan disks with the app, the drive should be visible in Finder's devices section.

Application's Usability

Disk Inspector has an intuitive interface, that helps you to perform tasks in the shortest time. After operating in background mode, your disk items will be filled in different colors to simplify recognition. Navigation through folders takes no time regardless to how many layers were skipped.




Required for file management

Thanks to this app I can easily discover the memory hogs in my system… Who would knew those podcasts were automatically downloading new content and eating away 24 GB of my hard drive real state?

I love this program

This has saved me a ton of work and free'd up my primary SSD drive to hold more users and maintain swap space. INVALUABLE!

Works great!

Event counts size of empty folders as they store names and system info, Finder can't show you the size of empties. It's really useful for those who uses a Mac a lot and wants keep disk as clean as possible.