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  • Startup Disk Full?

    Brief tips if your startup disk is almost full: Cleanup Most Congested Items with ClearDisk: Trash Downloads Logs Caches Language Resources Move files to external drives with Disk Expert: Desktop Documents, Video & Image folders iTunes Libraries Clear junk files with Startup Disk Full Fixer: Application caches Application logs Web browser caches iTunes temporary files Mail […]

  • Black Friday – 2015

    Special offer both on AppStore and FasSpring. Up to 66% sale. Disk Expert Regular Price: $9.99 Holiday Price: $4.99 Disk Inspector Regular Price: $7.99 Holiday Price: $2.99 Duplicates Expert Regular Price: $9.99 Holiday Price: $4.99 ClearDisk Regular Price: $8.99 Holiday Price: $3.99 Visio Viewer Regular Price: $14.99 Holiday Price: $9.99 MacCleaner Pro $14.99 – 66% off

  • OS X El Capitan – Review. Sum Up

    This article concludes our series of reviews of upcoming updates using Mac OS X. If you have not read the previous articles – you can read them here. OS X El Capitan reviews 1 – 4 So, let’s sum up! Design Overall, OS X began to look a little nicer. No wow effects, just a […]

  • buy app for Mac

    Direct Sale

    Recently we have made the first step to switching from App Store to direct sales of our apps. Currently, they are: Disk Expert Duplicate File Remover PRO We made this step for 3 main reasons: No Legacy Rules. Store version is not limited by App Store taboos, e.g. sandbox rule, thus have comparably better performance. Constant […]