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  • mac defrag

    How to Defrag a Mac? Is it Necessary?

    Almost every Windows operating system user has heard about disk defragmentation. If you switch from Windows to a Macintosh computer, you may wonder whether the macOS requires defragging for disk optimization. Usually, the defragging of the hard drive needs to be done from time to time to speed up the operating system. But is it […]

  • Startup Disk Full?

    Brief tips if your startup disk is almost full: Cleanup Most Congested Items with ClearDisk: Trash Downloads Logs Caches Language Resources Move files to external drives with Disk Expert: Desktop Documents, Video & Image folders iTunes Libraries Clear junk files with Startup Disk Full Fixer: Application caches Application logs Web browser caches iTunes temporary files Mail […]

  • Black Friday – 2015

    Special offer both on AppStore and FasSpring. Up to 66% sale. Disk Expert Regular Price: $9.99 Holiday Price: $4.99 Disk Inspector Regular Price: $7.99 Holiday Price: $2.99 Duplicates Expert Regular Price: $9.99 Holiday Price: $4.99 ClearDisk Regular Price: $8.99 Holiday Price: $3.99 Visio Viewer Regular Price: $14.99 Holiday Price: $9.99 MacCleaner Pro $14.99 – 66% off

  • OS X El Capitan – Review. Sum Up

    This article concludes our series of reviews of upcoming updates using Mac OS X. If you have not read the previous articles – you can read them here. OS X El Capitan reviews 1 – 4 So, let’s sum up! Design Overall, OS X began to look a little nicer. No wow effects, just a […]

  • buy app for Mac

    Direct Sale

    Recently we have made the first step to switching from App Store to direct sales of our apps. Currently, they are: Disk Expert Duplicate File Remover PRO We made this step for 3 main reasons: No Legacy Rules. Store version is not limited by App Store taboos, e.g. sandbox rule, thus have comparably better performance. Constant […]