Trash Hunters #6: Delete Dictionaries

Another great space waister are language resources or localizations. There are two types of them:

  1. Localizations for various applications.
  2. Localizations for Mac itself.

In first case you can use our app Clear Disk, that also finds all caches and logs and gives ability to free up Downloads and Trash folders.

If you use such wide-spread applications as iWork or Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Google Chrome, DropBox, etc., we have a bad news for you. All application texts (sometimes even images) are translated into ~ 50 different languages. All together they can occupy around 2 Gb of your space.

Second case is a bit trickier. You can find all dictionaries in a folder ~ User / Library / Dictionaries. In total there are 26 dictionaries of 818 Mb, covered languages are: English, German (Duden), Chinese, French, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Thai and so on.

All the dictionaries can be accessed via Dictionary app that goes with a system. If you open the app and go to Preferences, you may notice that only a few dictionaries are used. Thus, all other are useless. So, it’s better to delete them once and forever.


Note that in case the system is reinstalled or updated, this list will be full again.