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Disk Expert Rewiew

  • Disk Expert – disk space analyzer for Mac that discovers all the debris of you hard drive, even system and hidden files and folders.

  • Release date: December 13

  • Top-10 Utilities: 71 countries

  • 5-stars ratings: 109

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What our Users Say

  • Very useful app – Martin

    I want to congratulate you that you do this huge and excellent work with Disk Expert. The most amazing is picking up the Drop Files. In short as a Mac expert: I love it!

    Fabulous! Best of class! – L Dadoc

    It really finds all the files that apps leaves behinds and lets you delete them. Great app.

    Awesome App – Dolph

    I manage my data across 4 Macs: office desktop, home desktop, travel air, and a Mac Mini which I use for media. Second to dropbox, this is the second most useful data management app that I use. Its fast, intuitive, and generally well thought out.

    YESSSS! -Bynelo Fellini

    Holly jeezz i feel like I just took a big rock out of my shoe that has been bothering me for the past 4 years. Easy to use, and friendly!! Thank you! Best 10$ iv’e ever spent.

    Epic app! – Bob D.

    Seriously awesome app. I downloaded it when my harddrive was filled up to 490 gigs out of 500. 10 minutes later I have 200 gigs free. I have been struggling to find files on my own to delete and free up space, but this app has made it a cinch!

    It makes data management fun – Katie

    The simple design and quick performance really makes this my go-to data management app. I work in video production, so with only 500 GB of hard drive space, I end up filling it up quick with files well over 10 GB in size. This app makes it easy to pinpoint the “culprits” and allows me to Open in Finder to either delete or down-convert to a smaller size. I wish they made the same thing for Windows because I use both Mac and Windows for my work, but from the quick scans to the list of the largest files to the easy-to-explore way it organizes data, this app seriously has transformed how I SEE data, and also how I manage it. So far this is my favorite app on the Appstore. If you need a great way to manage data, get this one. It’s awesome.

    Finally I have some free space! – Truffle Shuffle

    This has to be the first app that actually gets the job done. it shows a chart and long list of documents, organized by file size, to show what is really taking up your storage. Within 15 minutes, I deleted some old movies and large size game apps, and I saved 34GBs of space. As Wayne from Wayne’s World would say “Excellent”!

    Helped with Dropbox – Sarah-Patron

    Oh, just helped me to clean up my dropbox folder. I was lost with all my stuff inside it. Now I removed some of them, got almost 4GB extra free space in Dropbox.