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“ This program is exactly what its name implies: a tool that helps you locate duplicated files on your Mac. Duplicate File Finder can easily be handled even by a beginner Mac…”

“ Managing files manually is not a simple and quick process. By utilizing a Mac disk space analyzer called Disk Space Analyzer, you will be able to identify the files that take up the most space on your disk and easily free up space on a Mac.”

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A solid app. It works well at finding the large files. This is useful in finding where all the big stuff is you need to get rid of or move off to an external.

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Cleaned my Mac so well! This app does exactly what it says and is very easy and simple to use. The app scanned my harddrive and showed me an interactive graphic of all of my files. On the right it listed the largest files, and I was able to get rid of many things that I didn’t need. Definitely worth the cost!

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The Real Not Steve
Very useful because in addition to a graphical display of directory size, there’s also a list of the largest files in those directories. The most useful of this type of program that I’ve found. So far. Very fast scans, too. Nice job.

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“The app provides a great visualization of the disk usage, so it’s easy to find the biggest or the oldest unused files.”

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Disk Space AnalyzerAnalyze disk space usage and remove bulky content on your Mac
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macOS 10.13-14Version: 4.2 (March 05, 2024)2-day evaluation period
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