Disk Space Analyzer for Mac OS X by Nektony

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  • What is Disk Space Analyzer?

    Disk space analyzer – is a special software that helps to examine hard drive content. Such tools represents disk space as a pie chart diagram. Every sector is a folder or a file. Size of sector corresponds to size of item. Some disk space analyzers have multi-layered diagram. Another point – plane files lists. Usually, disk space analyzers reflect largest files or folders.

  • Benefits of DSAs.

    Disk space analyzers are used to:

    • Display all items.
    • Show comparative size for every file.
    • Reflect biggest items for the whole drive and custom folder.
    • Have direct access to any file or folder.
    • Catalogue files as a plane list.
    • Save time during cleanup.
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  • Inspector Disk Space Analyzer.

    Disk Inspector helps during general cleanup. It scans both hard and remote drives. Operates in background mode. That’s a great tool to organize media collections. As well, Disk Inspector used before data transfer and system backup. It is not possible to delete items. Instead, parent folder could be opened in Finder. Disk Inspector is truly simple and OS-native. Youngest DI’s user is 8, oldest – 84.

  • Expert Disk Space Analyzer.

    Disk Expert is more complex tool. It has much reacher functionality than DI. First of all, Expert catalogue files in list by its size. So-called “Biggest Files” shows 25 largest files and helps to check duplicates among them. It is also possible to gather files & folders in droplists. Droplist – is a collection of items from various locations. It is convenient for further single action: deletion or transfer to specified location. After this action pie chart will be updated automatically.

    Some other features of Expert disk space analyzer:

    • Highest scanning speed.
    • Scanning of custom folder.
    • QuickLook option.
    • Display of hidden files.
    • Display of full hard drive specification.
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