Disk Space Analyzer (Disk Inspector) – is a special utility which shows the disk space usage on your Mac or on an external storage. It allows you to find the biggest files and folders and quickly free up more disk space from the bulkiest content.

    Release date: Oct 21 2017

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Disk Space Analyzer

by Mr. Baldman (GB flag– UK)
I use this app regularly to understand what’s taking up all my disk space, and Dropbox usage. the ‘reveal in finder’ is especially useful. Nice UI too.

by Just One More Reviewer (USA flag– US)
I love this little utility. I’ve used hard disk visualizers in the past, but they always used rectangular boxes. This pie-graph style display really makes it easier to find what you need. It also runs really fast. I just scanned my full ~256GB SSD in under a minute. I’ve also scanned external spinning drives pretty fast. If your “Library” folder is hidden on Mac 10.9 or later, Disk Inspector just shows that portion of the disk as “hidden files” and you can’t see which subfolders are taking up the most space. Easy solution: In Finder, hold down the Option button and click on Go > Library. Then press Command-J or go to View > Show View Options and check “Show Library folder.” Disk Inspector will now show you the detailed breakdown of your folders inside the Library.

by RichieBonilla (USA flag– US)
I use this periodically to clean out my disk and I love it. I recommend it to everyone, including AppleCare Support, when I used it to help them troubleshoot hidden files that were taking up half my disk due to a runaway cache from my video editing software. Happy I paid for it.

by chris37879 (USA flag– US)
This is a really useful app, my only gripe is that I have tons of hidden files on my machine (especially in my user folder, ah the life of a developer.) and I’d like to be able to see where that space is getting used too instead of this giant white box taking up 20gigs with no more info.

by PeekaFoo (USA flag– US)
This tool does a fantastic job of visualizing the data on your disk so you can easily find “high value” targets to delete from your filesystem.

by gao666952 (USA flag– US)
This really helps me with cleaning my mac and deleting unnecessary things. really amazing highly recommended

by storm angus (Australia flag– Australia)
This app is outstanding, friendly interface, exactly the right information you need in under 30 seconds. it has helped me clean my computer which has lead to optimum performance. my one suggestion is that they integrate some kind of automated cleaning function so you don’t have to hunt down the files yourself and delete them manually. other than that I am so happy I found this program!

by Garsdesem (Canada flag– Canada)
Since the upgrade to Yosemite, I had a problem at the end of the sequence of the scan: the colored cartography disappeared. I sent a request to Nektony and they fixed the problem quickly. Thanks for an excellent support!

by euug (Australia flag– Australia)
Thanks – it does what I wanted and the interface works great. The only thing I’d like is the ability to show what those “hidden items” are – you could include lots of warnings about deleting them.

by CC_VV (Brazil flag– Brazil)
This App was very useful finding heavy files in my HDD, so I could choose what to delete to create more space at my HDD in a very easy and well-designed way. I liked it very much!

by lhwhelen (Hong Kong flag– Hong Kong)
This shows clearly where the space eaters are! And the colorful animation and chart make me feel great!

by why do I need a unique nickname (USA flag– US)
The concentric pie chart / “sunburst” visualization is so intuitive it needs no explanation. The app makes it easy to find disk hogs and recover disk space. Worth every penny! My only suggestion for improvement would be to have the app save the results of the last scan for each volume (along with date/time info).

by Aoi Yuuka (USA flag– US)
It’s easy to view your hard disk visually Easy to find what file you don’t need it, and which file you should delete it UI is so easy to use you just click it and view it , with few click you can search which file you have from your hard drive Absolutely great and it worth it :)!

by i00jayMac (Canada flag– Canada)
I was able to quickly identify where the bulk of my data was on my drive and what to target for cleaning! Great APP!

by MHill13 (USA flag– US)

I’m using this app right now and it’s amazing! I have so much used space on my mac and I had no clue how to find it, 200gb of movies didn’t make sense, but this app broke it down and helped me find everything that was taking up so much space! worth every penny.

by euug (Australia flag– Australia)

Thanks – it does what I wanted and the interface works great. The only thing I’d like is the ability to show what those “hidden items” are – you could include lots of warnings about deleting them.

by Veraxus
I’ve used other disk visualization apps before, like SequoiaView (Windows) or Disk Inventory X (OS X)… but this beats all of them. Not only is it fast and gorgeous, but it’s unique, layered, the pie-chart-esque approach is brilliant. Root folders take up the innermost ring while sub-folders “stack” on top of those. It makes for an extremely practical at-a-glance view of what is taking up the most space. Since the entire circle represents the drive, the bigger the ring, the more storage it is using. I really can’t stress enough how great this is. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

by mwood950 (USA flag– US)

I don’t usually write reviews but I felt compelled with this little gem of an app. If you want a fast, comprehensive breakdown of where exactly your disk storage is coming from, look no further! The interface is very user-friendly, one click to scan. The color breakdown makes it quite easy and straightforward to nail down where your problems in storage hogging media/applications may lie, and it allows you to easily navigate through the folder hierarchies with a separate color, pinwheel diagrams. What this does, it does extremely well. It’s a steal at $2.99 on the app store right now. Already paid for itself. Personally, I nailed down 50 GB of unneeded disk hogging right after my first scan. Doesn’t explicitly say in the description, but it does work with SSDs no problem. If you want to know exactly what is taking up space on your hard drive in a streamlined, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing manner, look no further. Recommended!

by Purgatory Dog (USA flag– US)

This app has been an amazing tool in re-organizing my files and keeping them organized. The only thing I would change is to add a disk utility function to it, or at least a delete feature. The best aspect of this app is that it’s color-coded. I wish more apps used color, as it is a much quicker way of navigating information than text (unless you’re color blind, in which case this interface is still preferable with the tiered layout). Great app, keep it coming!

by mattwa33186 (USA flag– US)

I have an Air with a 128GB drive. Making sure I have enough free space is critical, and was very frustrating. Disk Inspector makes it easy to see what’s taking up space. Once you understand what the interface is telling you, which only takes a few minutes, you can see exactly where your disk is being used and where you can create more room. Highly recommended.

by DahveedGR (USA flag– US)

Thanks to this app I can easily discover the memory hogs in my system… Who would knew those long-forgotten subscribed-to podcasts were automatically downloading new content on a regular basis and eating away 24GB of my precious hard drive real estate??? Thanks to Disk Inspector I easily spotted the wide radius in my circumference of data. Beautiful. I would give them 5 stars once they put a little more love in their UI layout and detailing.

by SPHLL (Finland flag– Finland)

I needed a tool to get an idea how much space all the different kinds of stuff take on the disks and preferred a graphical display of the data. This tool satisfies the need very nicely. It scans the disk pretty fast, I think, and the diagram is very very descriptive. At one glance you get the idea where the big chunks of data are. Much easier than looking at a list of numbers. Each level of folder structure is displayed as a circle in the diagram, and a folder or file is a sector on that circle. Clicking on a sector puts that sector in the center and you’ll see a more detailed view of that folder’s content. Clicking on the center will step one level back. Very handy! There aren’t too many fancy features. For example, the tool does not offer disk cleaning functions, it is just a display. You can open a Finder window of any folder though, and there you can delete things as you wish. Good enough for me, although you could wish that the diagram would update itself when you delete something. Now it does not, so you need to rescan the disk to see an updated view. Another limitation is that you can’t dive into the folder structure while scanning is going on. Such issues could be on the improvements list, but I think those are minor problems – this is already a good, handy tool for the need, and in my opinion, the price asked is very reasonable.

by BechardEwing (Canada flag– US)

One of the best value apps I have downloaded. This app helped me get a better understanding of what, and how much of it, is using up space on my hard drive. I wonder why such a “tool” isn’t already part of OS. But the price is reasonable.

by nic_kline (USA flag– US)

It does a great job showing me where my disk space is used in a beautiful and very effective interface. It analyzes my whole hard drive in less than 5 minutes. The only improvement I’d like to see is the ability to show hidden files by providing an admin password or something similar.

by arctickid68 (USA flag– US)

I recently purchased a MBP retina with a 500Gig SSD. It’s my first venture into the fray of the world of Apple (which I have wanted to do for years). I have had a bit of a time switching over and it seems that file navigation is my number one issue. This app really lays it out in an easy to understand (and find) format. Because my Mac is less than 2 months old, the app really didn’t find any hidden ‘hogs’ that I didn’t know about, but I can see the true value in this app and appreciate the intuitive ‘wheel’ it uses so you can really home in on what’s using up your storage space. I recommend this app to anyone who wants a very fast and accurate breakdown of what and where is on their storage device. Well done!

by rfranc0 (USA flag– US)

I was ready to give up on my MacBook Air when I decided to go look for this kind of util in the app store. This app worked quickly to help me locate 80GB of junk to throw away. Lovely design too, Apple should acquire and include in the box.

by 187364 (USA flag– US)

Sorta picked this one at random; didn’t think there could be that much difference is showing disk utilization. Got lucky because the circular presentation turns out to be really intuitive and presents the information is a very useful format. It’s that kind of thing you wouldn’t notice until you use it. Maps a 1T conventional HD in about 30 seconds. Can’t beat that either. Excellent app.

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