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    Duplicate File Remover Pro – is a duplicate file finder for Mac which allows you to quickly detect files copies in any folder and easily remove them.

    Release date: 20 June 2018


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Sniperdiper (Belgium flag– Belgium)
This duplicate files finder app is awesome! I have tried so many other apps on Mac and Windows but this one meets up my expectations! It is quick and shows not only duplicate files but also duplicate folders and similar folders and more! The overview is very handy thumbs up!
by Manish_Soni (India flag– India)
Great App. one of the best in the many apps in this segment. Very accurate, intuitive, helpful and takes care of our mistakes in removing the duplicate files. easily, carefully finds and helps us VISUALLY to remove. Intelligent and saves lots of time – worth it.
by Wings-hifi (Netherlands flag– Netherlands)
This is a great app I think it was about 17Gb!!!! that was double on my mac and most of them were pictures and music. This is worth the money!
by Dave S in Chicago (USA flag– US)
I have tried several duplicate file finders and this is the only one that is FAST, even on external media. 362 files comprising 275GB on an external USB 2 HDD (rotating magnetic media – not SSD) scanned in less than a second. Another application I tried took about 10 minutes to scan the same set of files. The UI of this app is clean and instantly obvious how to use, from selecting the set of files to scan all the way to choosing and deleting the duplicates. The $5 price for this application is well worth it. I strongly recommend this app.
by Vrinda-Krishna (USA flag– US)
I have 4 other duplicate finders and they hardly find any duplicates at all. After running them, I go into those scanned folders and find lots of duplicates. But this “Duplicate Expert” is fantastic. I’m just totally amazed by how many duplicates it is finding on my computer. Before I bought this, I had been going through folder after folder, spending a couple of hours a day, day after day, deleting duplicates. It was so trying. But now I’m getting 100s of duplicates found on my computer in so many different folders, and by following the easy directions of the “Duplicate Expert” it takes me a fraction of the time to delete all my duplicates. I’ve taken thousands of photos over the years and it is practically impossible to keep up with organizing them. Not wanting to lose any of my photos, I’ve uploaded them to backup services, downloaded them from backup services, put them in iPhoto, taken them out of iPhoto and so on. Consequently I have hundreds of duplicates. And finding them by my hard labor is so tiring. But I’ve only had “Duplicate Expert” for two days and it has found several hundreds of duplicates in just and hour of my time. It is extremely fast. You can choose Auto Select or you can see and choose which duplicates to delete. And you can see each duplicate in a window and make sure the duplicates really are the same. And they are! The app never fails. It is built so well, looks so professional, and the user interface looks so nice. This app is worth 10 Stars! Also, while it is finding duplicates, you can also delete photos you don’t want by check marking them both. I love this app. Thank you to the developers for creating this fantastic app.
by macforme (USA flag– US)
Very easy to use, does not go just by just the filename, which is really important for me. It is FUN to use. I am getting dug out of the mess I have made on my external drive. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. If you have thousands of files, this app will help get it under control. I wish I had found this years ago. And no, I do not know the author – promise. Wish I did- he is one smart dude for figuring out what people really need in a duplicate finder. Oh and the manual is amazing.. lots of detail and example screens.
by Hdsbh (USA flag– US)
Recently I have had a lot of problems with my MacBook Pro since my hard drive is full and so I was looking to upgrade it. However I came across this app which is very cheap. So I gave it a go and I managed to clean and delete over 5GB of duplicate data! It literally took a few minutes and has saved me a lot of money which I would have had to invest in an external hard drive. It’s also made my laptop much faster after I removed all the junk files. Thank you so much! A MUST for everyone!
by Andre Taun (USA flag– US)
I have collected more than 20 GB of music. I know the problem of duplication composite in different folders. I have long wanted to find an application that will retrieve duplicate tracks. Duplicates Expert – the perfect solution for such problems. The app works very quickly without bugs. Also in the app user interface, which allows you to find duplicate files in 2 clicks. Many thanks to the developers. Been waiting for this application.
by Gradenko (USA flag– US)
I’ve tried at least half a dozen duplicate finders, and this is the best I’ve used so far. The interface is clean, clear and transparent. The results look reliable. In particular, the “similar folders” feature is quite nice.
by ds2011us (USA flag– US)
This is the best duplicate finder and remover I have ever used. Easy to use. Shows all duplicate in preview. Can look at the found duplicates in Finder. Overall, excellent app.
by Picante_25 (USA flag– US)
Very useful application! I was looking for this kind of tool to finally clean up a mess in my folders. I knew I had multiple duplicates, but never had time to clean them. This app is definitely a time saver, very neat and easy to use.

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