Duplicate File Finder – Auto Select

How to Use the Auto Select Feature?

Since Duplicate File Finder became available on AppStore we found that many users took an interest in our Auto Select feature and received many emails about it.

In this post, we will clarify how the feature works and how to use it properly. As you could see we have two Auto Select buttons on a file type tab that should be explained in details:

autoselect duplicates

Highlighted with blue line is responsible for auto selection among all duplicates on a left list, highlighted red – for a specified duplicate group only.

How does Auto Select work?

  1. We check if scanned duplicates are still alive (as you could delete them after the scan, e.g. from Finder);
  2. Duplicate files then are checked with Never Select and Always Select lists. If they are presented there we do skip or select files respectively.
  3. We select files that have following names like: “Copy of filename”, “Filename – 2” or “Filename (2)”.
  4. If the files have identical names the app goes up and checks folders by the same scenario.

Note, the app always keeps one original file. You can navigate to duplicates group and click arrow right to Auto Select button highlighted red. And choose one of the options:

  1. Auto Select Oldest.
  2. Auto Select Newest.

Select option

This button repeats 2 first steps and then selects files by date or in the order they were scanned by the app.

Our Recommendation on How to Use Auto Select with Maximum Efficiency:

  • Select files by general Auto Select and remove them;
  • Auto Select Newest and remove them also.

Note: You can use red Auto Select shortcuts for the whole group, but all selected files by blue Auto Select will be checked again.

How to select the folder where you want to delete or keep the duplicates?

The Autoselect feature allows you to choose automatically in which folder the duplicates should be selected and in which one they should be kept unselected. Here is how to set these folders:

  1. Go to Preferences “Skip List” tab.
  2. Add folders from which you want to remove duplicates to the “Always Select” list.

always select folder

  1. Add folders to the “Never Select” list so that to specify a priority folder and to not delete files in it. 

never select folder

  1. After the next scan, when you use the Autoselect button, the duplicate files will be selected in specified folders. 

Duplicate File Finder

P.S. We encourage you to write us more about our apps. We are looking forward to improving them!