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“ This program is exactly what its name implies: a tool that helps you locate duplicated files on your Mac. Duplicate File Finder can easily be handled even by a beginner Mac user as it features a straightforward interface and easy-to-configure scan settings.”

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“ Duplicate File Finder Remover gives you a quick and easy way to scan your Mac’s hard drive or any folder on it for duplicates and delete them in a snap. You can also preview similar folders, and for a small one-time fee, you can get rid of these or merge them.”

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“ Duplicate File Finder Remover is a nice, easy-to-use, free app to help find and delete duplicates on your Mac. The app lets you specify a minimal duplicate file size, get details about any duplicate, preview duplicates by type, see similar folders, check out a log of duplicates removed, and much more.”

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“Duplicate File Finder is one of the best duplicate finder software for Mac that helps to eliminate unwanted space hogging replica files. Using this tool you can easily remove unwanted duplicate files in just three easy steps. Furthermore, you can preview duplicate files before deleting a duplicate file on Mac.”


“ Offering lots of handy tools, it remains very simple-to-use, which is a great bonus for novices. The interface is straightforward and scan settings are nicely flexible. Unlike multiple rivals, Duplicate Finder Free lets you define the smallest duplicate file size, it shows details about duplicates, previews identical files by type, sees similar folders, delivers a list of all deleted duplicates, etc.”

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Alex Calgony

I like their Duplicate finder app. Tech support service is available even if you use the free version. This is my favorite app…

Benedikt Lange


App and Service: AAA. I purchased Duplicate File Finder Pro and had a few questions which were entirely answered within one day. Great App, great Service!



These utilities have been (and continue to be) one of the best investments I’ve made to help me manage my iMac.

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I was looking for an app like this specifically for my NAS (network-attached storage), and this worked with no problems. Even gives the option to auto-select files…

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My media folder was terabytes in size. So many muddled copies of the same files, different iTunes file systems over the years. Copies and backups from so many different machines.

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Default User 99
I’ve tried many disk cleaning apps. This one is by far the most intuitive and helpful, especially for duplicate pictures. I probably freed up 1/3 of my hard drive using this app. Well worth it.

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Duplicate File Finder Get rid of duplicate files and free up your disk from useless content absolutely for free!

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