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  • Duplicates Expert – find all types of duplicates files: images, music, videos, documents, archives, etc.

  • Release date: February 13

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  • 5-stars ratings: 42

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What our Users Say

  • Best duplicate finder – D.S. – Mar 25, 2015

    This is the best duplicate finder and remover I have ever used. Shows all duplicate in preview. Can look at the found duplicates in Finder. Overall, excellent app.

    Very Fast Scanning – Dave Chicago – Aug 22, 2015

    I have tried several duplicate file finders and this is the only one that is FAST, even on external media. 362 files comprising 275GB on an external USB 2 HDD (rotating magnetic media – not SSD) scanned in less than a second. Another application I tried took about 10 minutes to scan the same set of files. The UI of this app is clean and instantly obvious how to use, from selecting the set of files to scan all the way to choosing and deleting the duplicates. Strongly recommend this app!

    Best Duplicate Finder Ever – Vrinda Krishna – Jun 16, 2015

    I have 4 other duplicate finders and they hardly find any duplicates at all. After running them, I go into those scanned folders and find lots of duplicates. But this “Duplicate Expert” is fantastic. I’m just totally amazed by how many duplicates it is finding on my computer. Before I bought this, I had been going through folder after folder, spending a couple of hours a day, day after day, deleting duplicates. It was so trying. But now I’m getting 100s of duplicates found on my computer in so many different folders, and by following the easy directions of the “Duplicate Expert” it takes me a fraction of the time to delete all my duplicates. The app never fails. It is built so well, looks so professional, and the user interface looks so nice. This app is worth 10 Stars!

    Simple, Easy, Effective – ByeDear – Mar 5, 2015

    It’s super sleek looking, simple and easy to use; just drag it. It’s helping me organize my disoriented macbookpro so much!!

    Spring folders cleaning – done! – Picante – Mar 9, 2015

    Very useful application! I was looking for this kind of tool to finally clean up a mess in my folders. I knew I had multiple duplicates, but never had time to clean them. This app is definitely a time saver, very neat and easy to use.

    So helpful – ByPatrick1990 – Mar 7, 2015

    I’m using for duplicated ‘scanned images’ and this is super helpful when I have to organize my images and folders. Saved me so much time, and I recommended if you want effective solution to duplicate folers / files.

    Great app – Andre Taun – Mar 6, 2015

    I have collected more than 20 GB of music. I know the the problem of duplication composite in different folders. I have long wanted to find an application that will retrieve duplicate tracks. Duplicates Expert – the perfect solution for such problems.