Every Mac user has dozens of junk files on his computer that can be removed without regret. With Startup Disk Full Mac Fixer you can easily find and remove these useless files in less than a minute. For this, follow 4 easy steps:

  1. Launch the application and click to Analyze Disk.

scratch disk full mac

The app will show you a list of junk files and the volume they occupy on your disk:

  • Application caches
  • Application logs
  • Internet browsers’ caches
  • iTunes temporary files
  • Mail downloads
  • Application remains
  • Xcode junk files

free up hard drive space

  1. Review your junk files and select those you don’t need anymore. 
  2. Then click the Clean button.

disk full

  1. As the app removes files to Trash, the last step is just to empty the Trash folder to get rid of the junk files permanently.

your startup disk is almost full