Visio Viewer for Mobile


Open VSD, VSDX and VDX files on iOS and Android devices

VSD Viewer by Nektony allows you to open and preview Visio files on your phones and tablets. Visio Viewer is the most powerful tool for viewing of MS Visio files on such platforms as iOS, Android and Mac OS X. It renders all documents with 100%-identical quality, the way they were created in original application. But not only a simple preview!

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Have access to all Visio files from anywhere in anytime

VSD Viewer can open .vsd, .vdx, .vsdx on phones or tablets without necessary Internet connection.

Browse your Visio files without losing a single detail of a drawing

VSD Viewer displays original objects, colors, gradients, fonts and provides sharp picture with the same quality.

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Enjoy viewing your Visio files

VSD Viewer provides you with a convenient tools for document viewing, smooth zoom, easy navigation and scrolling.

Access your documents online

Integrate most common cloud storages to the app and open your drawings in more convenient way without downloading .

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View documents of any complexity

VSD Viewer can open files of any complexity without losing quality. All your objects, all the inscriptions and signatures will be displayed using inner processing libraries.

Your projects are always on hand in a usable format with VSD Viewer


Available in iTunes and Google Play

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