FAQ – ClearDisk

01. What is ClearDisk?

ClearDisk is an app for Mac OS X that helps to clear startup disk in a matter of minutes. It scans most overfilled folders: Downloads, Trash, Caches and Temporary Files as well app is able to clear Language Resources.

02. What is Language Resources?

Language Resources are specific localization files that translates the original app to your language, e.g. Korean or Vietnamese. Some large apps may contain more than 50 localizations, all together it could waist around 0.5Gb of completely unused space.

03. How often it is recommended to clear Caches and Logs?

It is recommended to perform cleanup temporary files once per month. If you are an active Internet user, during this period you may gather several GB of “quick access memory”, that conversely will decline your performance.

04. What will happen after caches cleanup?

You will be required to enter your Internet-passwords once again. Don’t be confused, they still will be stored in hard drive’s memory. It may be required to load some Internet pages twice due to specific inner-browser issues.

05. How much space can I delete using ClearDisk?

As much as you have in your Trash + Size of accumulated files in Downloads folder + up to 0.5Gb of Language Resources + several GB of Temporary files.

06. Why some language resources are locked?

It is because of system’s Applications folder privacy, read this article to enable ClearDisk access into this folder

07. What are system requirements?

It takes only 0.8Mb of hard drive space, OS X 10.7 or later and 64-bit processor.


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