What are Language Resources?

Language Resources – are localizations of software, that is, all interface languages available in a program. Some programs have a huge number of possible interface languages that worth respect. But usually, users need only one version of the interface or just a few, but obviously not 20. Individually localizations take up not much space, around 1-2 Mb, but all together they may consume a lot. On Macs in our office, we have an average size about 2 GB (excluding English).

They can be deleted by 2 options:

Method 1 – find and delete manually

To do this, go to the Applications folder, select the application. Make a Right-click (Option click), and from the context menu select Show Package Content

language resources

Next, you need to find the folder with localization. Often they look like or Japanese.lproj or ru.iproj. In the first case, it is clear what language is used, in the second case – you may need some help. Here is a small table of the most common language codes:


Find unnecessary languages and remove them.

P.S. – If you are using, for example, Spanish and want to remove all the others, including English, pre-check if Spanish language is not selected. Otherwise you may miss out on the interface language.

Method 2 – use Clear Disk

Run Clear Disk. Scan Language Resources section. In it, you will find a size of unnecessary localization files.

Clear language with Clear Disk #1

By default, Clear Disk does not mark the languages you use, i.e. those which are available in your keyboard preferences. To remove some of them, click on the checkbox at the bottom center of the window. On the right panel opened you can remove ticks from the skip list of languages and see how the size of deleted language will increase. For security reasons, Clear Disk does not allow you to remove English localization.

clear language files

I decided to remove all languages except English, even though they are used while typing. But for most applications, it would be sufficient to use English interface only. This will allow you to clear the 210 MB more.

Next just click on Clean button.

*Please note, the app doesn’t remove language resources from the default Apple applications due to  System Integrity Protection (SIP).