FAQ – Show Hidden Files

01. What's Show Hidden Files used for?

Show Hidden Files is a utility designed to find hidden files on your Mac. It allows you to search for hidden files and folders and remove useless data from your hard drive.

02. What are hidden files?

Hidden files are files that are not displayed to the user in Finder by default. The files are created by the Mac operating system as service files and folders. They are used to run the system. When any app is installed, it writes temporary files, such as caches and logs, to some folders. Little by little these files can take up a large amount of GB on your disk. Some of them are useless and you can remove them to free up your disk memory.

03.There are hidden files and folders on my flash drive. Where do they come from?

Hidden folders, .DS_Store, are created automatically by macOS. They are needed to keep service data about the files. These hidden files are created even for local flash drives, i.e on a USB drive. .DS_Store can be removed without an issue.

04. Does searching process of Show Hidden Files app differ from Spotlight’s searching system?

Spotlight doesn’t find hidden service files and files inside packages. The Show Hidden Files app allows you to search in bundles and packages as well. It allows you to find hidden files and folders and clear them one click.

05. Why doesn’t Spotlight allow me to view hidden files?

Spotlight doesn’t show hidden files for security reasons. It protects important system files from being deleted and keeps them out of the Mac users’ view. Keep in mind you should have an understanding of the hidden files’ function before you delete them.

06. How do I search for hidden files with Show Hidden Files?

Launch Show Hidden Files. You will get access to the app from the Menu Bar. Click the Show Hidden Files icon and in the window that appears type the file’s name. Click Enter to start searching.
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07. Is it safe to remove hidden files?

Show Hidden Files allows you to select regular files, hidden files and files that are in a package’s content. You can switch off viewing files in package content, so you will not remove important files by mistake. It is safe to delete supported .DS_Store files and folders. In other cases, be careful what kind of files you are deleting.
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08. Can I view the file’s location?

Yes. When you click on the selected file the files` directory is shown at the bottom of the window.

09. Can I preview files in the Show Hidden Files window?

Yes. Just click on the button to see the preview of each file. It is also possible to open a file in the Finder.

Preview files in the Show Hidden Files

10. Can I return the file after deleting it with Show Hidden Files?

When you remove a file with Show Hidden Files app, it goes to the Trash. Go to Trash, select the file or folder and click “Put back” in the right-click menu.

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