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  • clear Mac

    How to clean up a Mac

    One of the reasons why Macs run slowly is a lack of free space on the hard drive. In this article we will share five tips on how to clean up a Mac. 1. Clear the Startup list Most apps are added automatically to the startup list after installing.The system spends a great deal of […]

  • Blog_Mac-OS-X-Cleanup-Suite-Update

    Mac OS X Cleanup Suite Update

    Breaking Wednesday’s news! Our latest applications bundle – Mac OS X Cleanup Suite gains new features. We have replaced old Boost & Memory with Memory Cleaner X that is a perfect fit for other bundle applications: ClearDisk, Duplicates Expert, Disk Expert and App Uninstaller. The app evaluates file size of junk files, duplicates, large files […]

  • Blog-Buy-Direct

    Direct Sale

    Recently we made a first step to switch from App Store to direct sales of our apps. Currently this are: Disk Expert Duplicates Expert Disk Inspector We made this step by 3 main reasons: No Legacy Rules. Store version is not limited by App Store taboos, e.g. sandbox rule, thus have comparably better performance. Constant […]

  • startup-disk-full-1

    Startup Disk Full?

    Brief tips if your startup disk is almost full: Cleanup Most Congested Items with ClearDisk: Trash Downloads Logs Caches Language Resources     Move files to external drives with Disk Expert: Desktop Documents, Video & Image folders iTunes Libraries   For further instruction go by the following link:

  • Blog_NektonySystemUtilities

    Nektony System Utilities

    Nektony is a software company with products both for iOS and Mac OS X. Unlike diversified applications for iOS, all Mac OS X ones solve particular problem: file & disk management. 2 shareware programs (Disk Inspector, Disk Expert) are disk space visualizers enabling you to view your disk content in a form of intuitive sunburst […]

  • Blog_HowUseDiskExpert

    How to Use Disk Expert

      Disk Expert is a fantastic tool that helps Mac users to cleanup their Hard Drive in several minutes in the fast and intuitive manner. With Disk expert there is no need to spend much time searching for places where superfluous files and folders are hiding. Although to perform cleaning process you need to check all […]

  • Blog_GetRid

    Get Rid of Several GB on StartUp Disk

    Recently we discovered tips how to get prepared for Mavericks and how to perform startup disk cleanup. This post is about iWork package, that since 10.9 is distributed for free. Free upgrade – that’s fine, but unfortunately Apple forgot about something, that takes about one or even two redundant gigabytes in your Applications folder. Honestly, […]

  • Blog_GetReadyYosemite

    Get Ready for OS X Yosemite

      Similar to latest OS X 10.9, Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and Lion (OS X 10.7), Apple’s upgrade to Yosemite is a pretty major one, but will be really simple to install. But before installing the upgrade it is useful to perform a few tasks to ensure that your Mac is ready to upgrade. […]