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  • Nektony Duplicate Finder for Mac review

    Duplicate File Finder – Customer Review

    We really appreciate our users taking the time out to share their experience with our applications. Our team was impressed by one of the last deep reviews about Duplicate File Finder. It encourages us to do our best to continue improving our apps. So today, we want to share this review and help other users […]

  • duplacate, large and hidden folders

    Find Duplicate, Large and Hidden files on a Mac

    If the disk space on your Mac starts running low, then it is time to clean up the hard drive. You can begin with removing unneeded duplicate files, hidden files and old unused large files, as usually, these files take up the most disk space. There are many great apps that can help you to […]

  • dupe files macos

    How to find duplicate files on Mac

    If one fine day you find that your hard drive space is almost finished, you should start cleaning it. Unfortunately, clearing cache files might not be enough to free up sizeable disk memory. In this case, it’s now time to find and deal with duplicate files, which may occupy significant space on your Mac. Contents: […]